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Janathon 2.10

It’s Saturday! I’m excited for the weekend but if you’re like me, the weekend means cheat days because it’s all about family and friends. Two-three days packed of late nights, early mornings (because my body only wants to sleep in when it’s a work day) and bad food. So, I have to get my Janathon day 10 activities in early otherwise I might not do anything!

January 10, 2015: 1 km run, 20 minutes Yoga, and some arm exercises

I may have jinxed myself yesterday because after blogging my right leg started feeling really uncomfortable. It’s kind of in my hip or in my joints, I can’t really explain the pain. All I know is it hurt any time I moved my leg in bed or even in certain positions. This is why I decided to do yoga today as I’m still in a bit of discomfort. I tried the Recovery Yoga for Runners from Runners World. Boy, I am not a fan of Yoga. Whenever she had her leg straight up I felt like I had mine the same way, then I looked in the mirror and I was lucky if I was even at a 90 degree angle… Same with getting your head to the floor, my forehead was probably still two feet from the ground. I tried my best and didn’t do any of my other leg exercises like lunges or squats today. Well, I hope it helped! After yoga I did 5 intervals of 30 seconds with 10 second rests of arm exercises using 10 lb weights: rows (left arm, then right), bench press, shoulder press, and something I call butterflies but have no idea what they really are….

I may have done a yoga before but I am definitely not flexible.

Happy Weekend Running!


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Juneathon Day 9 – Cobra


Time to keep it short and sweet. Long day, late night, so I shall log my Juneathon Day 9 activities and not get into details. 15 minute dynamic yoga from the NTC program (just because it says yoga, it’s not easy!) and 15 minute shaped back workout from NTC. Both extremely hard and sweaty but happy to put in my 30 minute exercise for the day.

Today’s exercise, although I’m not a fan of yoga (probably because I’m no good at it), will be yoga related. This pose is a nice stretch I like doing even if it wasn’t in my yoga program.

Here’s how to Cobra:
1. Lie down on your stomach with your hands under your shoulders and bows hugging your ribs
2. Point your toes down and push down into your feet. Roll your head, shoulders, and chest away from the ground. Engage your quads but keep your butt relaxed.
3. Draw your shoulder blades down the back and squeeze the muscles down your back as your lower back down the ground.
These are the instructions from Nike with their images. I’m not even sure how you squeeze back muscles… I think you inhale as you come up and exhale as you relax back down… Anyways, here are a list of benefits I found online for this pose: Stretches muscles in the shoulders, chest and abdominals, Decreases stiffness of the lower back, Strengthens the arms and shoulders, Increases flexibility, Relieves stress and fatigue, Opens the chest and helps to clear the passages of the heart and lungs, Strengthens the spine, and Helps to ease symptoms of asthma.

Happy Cobra!


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