Janathon Day 24

If you can’t get a miracle, become one. – Nick Vujicic 

January 24 Run: 25:00 (mm:ss), 3.23 km, 7’49″/km (iPod)
Janathon Day 24

Hello, Janathon janathon-participant-logo day 24! I have completed you and continued my 25 day run streak! Boy does it feel good. I would love to be running more but really, the treadmill does get pretty boring. Today, I even contemplated running outside, I went outside for a walk to test the weather. About 300 metres out, I turned back home. The crazy wind-chill warnings weren’t a joke, up to 77 km/h winds!! I was bundled up and only my eyes were exposed under my eyeglasses. My eyes hurt from the wind so much I decided I would turn around and settle for the indoors.

It’s been over a week since I’ve run 5 k and I’m jonesing to get another 5 k in ASAP! I really wanted to make tonight the night after freshly silicone-ing up the treadmill but once I got ready, I decided I would continue to take it easy until I felt my body is 100% ache free. Man, am I getting old? I have to watch what I eat, exercise more, and weight is so much harder to shed. Is this what it’s like choosing a 9-5 desk job? I guess I should have already came to this conclusion much earlier. First 3 years in this job and I gained 30 pounds. Luckily, this year I’m halfway in and I haven’t gain any! *Whew* This running and watching what I eat must actually be working. Sometimes I envy those who get to be move active as part of their job even if they don’t realize it; for example, a teacher is on their feet most of the day, a retail associate (what I was doing before I sat my keister down for 8 hours a day) is on their feet most of their day, doctors, dentists, engineers, vets, contractors, and the list goes on of jobs where you are constantly moving. The other day at work, I sat down at 9 am and didn’t get up until 2:30 pm! I had my food and water at my desk with me so I didn’t even realize that I never even stood up for over 5 hours. I only ended up getting up to use the restroom! Isn’t that a little nuts? That’s 5 hours of sitting and all I’m moving are my fingers, typing away, analysing data, staring at a screen and giving my brain a major workout but my body a major setback. I normally try to ensure I get up multiple times a day – especially to refill my water, but to make sure I’m moving! So, how do I cope and get more exercise in? At one point I was trying to run during my lunch hour instead but really, who wants to sit at their desk all sweaty for the latter half of the day? There’s meetings and vendors to meet, no one wants to see an after run me in a professional setting.

What kind of job do you have? Is it active?
Do you have a 9-5 desk job? How do you cope?

Oh and one more thing, I saw this image the other day and it made me laugh because it’s pretty true.
Except for those of you who can buy healthy foods on a budget and learn to make it quick, the bravo!
you are what you eat
So, today I saw this video and it’s pretty awesome! This is 200 Calories:

Happy Running Weekend!


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5 thoughts on “Janathon Day 24

  1. You’re inspiring! I’m excited for you and your running streak!! 😀 I would definitely have turned back inside with 77km winds as well.

    My on-the-side job is pretty active (personal trainer..I don’t think it would be acceptable for me to sit during work!!), but my day job kind of varies. I work full-time at a hotel and most of the time I work at the front desk so I’m on my feet for the whole 8 hours. But once or twice a week I work in the call centre and that shift is spent on my butt. Sometimes I’ll just stand for a little while and I’ll make an effort to not pile things up to file them all at once; I’ll get up to file one thing, then a little while later get up to file another. I find it helps to keep the activity levels somewhat up. The bonus to being in a chair as well is that you can get some good stretching in! 🙂

    • Your on the side job compliments your day job! You have a great balance and I love that idea of getting up each time instead of letting things pile up. I’ll send several print jobs to the printer and get up to go get it all at once. I should try this next time and get up each time.
      Good call on the stretching! I have an exercise ball I sit on sometimes at work but I can’t always use it, I just end up finding ways to slouch while on the ball, haha.

      Thank you for everything (the kind words and your feedback)!! 🙂

      • Yes, planning to get up multiple times really does help! I used to wear a FitBit and I noticed a huuuge difference between my desk days and my phone days…it forced me to get creative so I could hit my 10k steps.

        A chair stretch I really like is to sit with one leg crossed over the other with my knee out wide; then I’ll lean my chest forward and can really feel that stretch in my hip and glute!

        You’re very welcome; I love reading your posts and following your daily running journey!

  2. Sam

    Well done on the run! I am a nurse which sounds like an active job but I work in mental health completing assessments so I spend time sitting with people, time at my desk making notes & phone calls etc. I work shifts, so I tend to build walks in to my work day. I will walk to talk to those I can instead of ringing or emailing. Sometimes I just accept I will not be moving very far over the next 8 hours. I usually fit my running in after my shifts.

    • Hey Sam, I would have totally thought a nurse would be a bit more active with more moving around than a desk job. Thank you for putting this into perspective for me. I love that you walk to other people instead of email or giving them a buzz (those are my go to’s for sure)!
      Keep up your amazing workout streak! 🙂

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