Janathon Day 4

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop. – Confucius 

January 4 Run: 42 min, 5.02 km, 8’20″/km

janathon day 4

Today’s wonderful, slow, steady run was accomplished outside!! Yay, outside! Although I didn’t get my butt out there until 5:30 pm, it was already dark out! It’s 7 PM now and it look likes it should be midnight. Glad to be able to get outside again in -1°C (feels like -7°C) weather. A little windy (21 km/h) but still fantastic compared to a treadmill run! I went my pace; even though I thought I was going fast but ended up being “slow” – thanks snow! I love snow so I can’t really be upset. 🙂


runrchatts came out and joined me for my run which was great. I always enjoy his company. No music, just a little bit of chit chatting wherever I could get the breathes in to, haha. I didn’t really look at my watch too much other than for timing to see how long I’ve been running each interval. I did look at my pace as I mentioned earlier thinking I was running faster but I didn’t push myself harder or make myself go slower – I just went out and ran.

janathon-participant-logoIf you aren’t aware yet, I’m participating in Janathon! Run – Log – Blog for the entire month, every single day. Yes, you can substitute Runs with any sort of physically activity (I’m sure I’ll have a few cycling days). So, for day 4, I got in a good 1 hour work out, 40 minute run and a nice little walk outside after.  Thanks to @janathon_ , I have now signed up for twitter too!

So much social media: twitter, facebook, blognike+Running Free (not sure how to get to my personal page), pinterest, and I’m sure I’m part of a bunch of other sites I’m not even sure how to use. The below “Social Media Explained” has been pretty helpful (even at my work I’ve used this a few times about a year ago to help get a handle on all of this and get a good laugh). Why so many different mediums? Well, I really do enjoy reading your stories and blogs but it’s a lot easier to find other Janathoners out there through twitter/facebook so I’ve joined to be able to connect with more of you and read more inspirational stories. Any-who, my username on anything I’m signed up for is rundmach so please, add me, follow me, invite me, let’s be friends! 😀


Enjoy the weekend running!


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6 thoughts on “Janathon Day 4

  1. good for you, doing Janathon! I skipped it because I didn’t want the pressure of having to blog every day…I’m already running every day, and logging it on seven different sites – enough is enough!

    But I will be keeping up with you – EVERYWHERE since you put it all out there 🙂

    • Thanks Nick!! I think if you tweet it counts too? But it’s not like you need Janathon, you’re already a superstar!! I need the accountability.

      It is pretty scary opening up so much!!! When I first started blogging I didn’t want anyone to know where I live, what I look like, etc. but I feel closer to all of the bloggers and friends online than I do with a lot of my physically present friends. Time to be transparent. I don’t think I post anything that will get me into trouble… I hope… I’ve watched too much Criminal Minds!

  2. Welcome to Janathon!

    It doesn’t look like you’ve joined the Janathon group on Running Free. You don’t have to, but if you do want to, the group is here (I noticed you weren’t on it as I was going to send you the link to your personal page): http://www.runningfreeonline.com/Groups/Group/GroupName/Janathon

    • Thanks!! I have joined the group :), still learning how to use the site. There’s a lot there! That is pretty amazing we can see how much time/KMs each Janathoner has logged! I better get my butt moving!

  3. Well done – glad u had a good run, keep it up 🙂

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