Janathon 2.30

Guess who still doesn’t have internet?!
Earliest the technician can come is Tuesday…. Maybe I’ll luck out tomorrow and be able to upload my video.

Janathon day 30 included a very late run. Didn’t start until 9 pm (wanted to fully digest and needed extra time to get my lazy butt off the couch). Even with the late start I still felt like I was going to throw up. Only the first two KMs though, after the first bit of struggling, things got better, put on some motivational music/speeches and was on my way to steadier breathing, better posture, and the I love running now that the first ten minutes have past phase.

January 30, 2015: 7 km run

Just a small happy note, I discovered a colleague of mine ran her first half marathon last year. I shared with her my journey so far of signing up for my first half marathon coming this May. We chatted and shared our love for running and guess who else is running the half marathon this May? Yup, this lovely soul from work. She’s been really awesome since I started at this company and I am stoked we share a love for the same kind of high! Now we chat about running and I love it! Today, I am thankful for other runners, including you but especially her. I have no common ground with most of my coworkers but I found one! Or maybe she found me? Regardless, I cherish how much we, runners, can encourage, support, and drive each other to what makes us most happy. Thank you! Keep on running!

Happy Running!


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One thought on “Janathon 2.30

  1. Well done on your ‘not putting people off running’ !
    And good luck with the internet battle grrrrrrrrr

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