Janathon 2.24

Busy weekend ahead. Lunch date with the sweetie giving me enough time to sneak a short run before getting ready for a friend’s birthday tonight. Wish I ran a little more but was worried I didn’t have enough time. Silly me, there’s always time for a run, no matter how long I want it to be! Lesson learned, don’t cut anything you love short.

January 24, 2015: 1 km run

What’s your go to “healthy” drink out/alcoholic drink? I need some help, I love the sweet stuff! Cocktails, mixed drinks, fruity wines… So much sugar!

Happy Weekend!


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3 thoughts on “Janathon 2.24

  1. Hope you had a good night 🙂 My ‘healthy’ drink of choice is a gin and tonic on a night out but one I love anyway so it’s no real hardship!

  2. Jane Likes to Run

    I was under the impression that champagne was a lighter option. But when do people actually serve that? Not often! I usually go for a white wine to stay on the lighter side.

    • Ha! Champagne and orange juice Mmm. I went for white wine last night so that’s good to hear! The munchies all over was another story…

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