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Janathon 2.31

This is the end!… Of the month that is!
31 days of jogging, logging, and blogging is now complete!!!

January 31, 2015: 1 km run + 30 Minute Nike+ Training Full Action strength workout

Overall, I have completed 123 KMs this month!!! Surpassing last year’s all time high of 105 KMs in a month! Who thinks I’ll be able to beat the 123 in February with less days? It’s not ideal with the half marathon plan I am following if I followed it to a T (that’s 102 KMs for February) but who know, maybe I’ll be ambitious! I’ll be starting with a big run tomorrow, hopefully no excuses with Janathon coming to an end!

Congratulations to everyone who was part of Janathon. I might not have had a chance to check out everyone’s blogs but you are a superstar, for your efforts and excuses! 🙂

Looking forward to Juneathon 2015!

Happy Running!


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Janathon 2.17

Well here we are. It’s the weekend and tomorrow will be a lovely outdoor run *fingers crossed for good weather*.

Tonight for Janathon I completed a short 1 km run (doubling as a warm up session) and finished with a 30 minute strength training session from Nike+ Training Club. Just 1 km for the Earthathon relay but it’s another 1 up for team #RunderfulRunners!

January 17, 2015: 1 km run and 30 minute N+TC Full Action workout

Honestly, the only thing on my mind is how I slaved an hour over dinner and carrying it out to the table I dropped it all over the kitchen floor and carpeted dining room floor. *sigh* at this moment I think I should have taken a picture but in the moment and I reached out to the floor in slow motion screaming “noooooo” and well, plopped down to the floor and was pretty much ready to cry. Even after the working out, it’s all I can think about. How depressing! By the way, if you are wondering why my floors aren’t clean enough to eat off of, try owning a big white dog who likes to shed every minute of every day… There was no saving any of the peas, Bok Choy, carrots, or salmon.

Good luck to everyone running tomorrow!


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Janathon 2.15

Janathon is half way through!
For the day and for the earthathon relay I continued my run streak with a 1 km run for #runderfulrunners.

January 13, 2015: 1 km run and 15 minute N+TC Beach Balance Workout

This about sums up how I feel… working out and running does not counter the amount I would like to eat.

Sorry I’m not too chatty… Still a very angry person right now.


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Janathon 2.08

Hi there,

Janathon Day 8 completed. I’m keeping the run streak going, woohoo! Today I ended my workout with an 8 minute run on the treadmill, a little over 1 km. I started the with a Nike+ Training Club workout for 15 minutes then moved onto my own little work out. I set a timer to go every 30 seconds. I did 30 on and 30 off for 8 minutes to do as many as I can of different exercises (safely and with correct form – the best I can). These exercises went as follows: Squats, Shoulder Press with weights, Wood Chop Squats, Bench Press with heavier weights, Squat Jumps, Crunches, Squats, and ended with a plank hold. I don’t know if you’d consider this a circuit, interval, strength, cross training, or whatever type of workout or training. It’s something and there’s so many new terms out there, I can’t keep up with cross fit, tabata, HIIT, etc…. It’s exercise! 🙂

January 8, 2015: 1.06 km run, 15 min N+TC Butt Buster workout, and 8 minute strength training/circuit workouts

I’m working a little backwards and going to blog about yesterday since I forgot to mention a few things and I’m blank for tonight since it’s 10:30 PM and I’m sleepy… Any-who, yesterday marked a very proud day for myself. Our department had a welcome back for one of my colleagues who was on mat-leave. This included 10 AM gourmet cupcakes, which I can never resist! In this room filled with people, I stared down those cupcakes, watched everyone eat them and just said no… I was then called out why I was the only one not eating one – I said I was on a diet…. WHY DID I SAY THIS? I’ve been killing myself over it, I was ridiculed and embarrassed and then worst of all, I started to feel like I was being rude for not having a cupcake….. how could I be rude?! Why couldn’t I have just lied and said I was full since it was so early in the morning? I guess I don’t think about lying in the moment since it’s not me to lie, I just speak the truth and that made me feel awful… But the rest of the day I just kept telling myself, “It’s okay, be proud, you said No to a cupcake you didn’t NEED”. I’ve had these cupcakes before and they are phenomenal! I do like eating them and honestly, at that moment, I wanted it because it looked so good but I really didn’t need it or crave it. I wanted it because it was there, not because I sat at my desk dreaming about it all day… Well, that was my win and despite feeling like it was a loss because I’m still trying to find my place at work, I stood my ground and smiled.

diet plan

Everyone thinks that every woman’s dream is to find the perfect man. Actually, it’s every woman’s dream to eat anything they want without getting fat. 

One more point to add to yesterday after I had blogged… I enjoyed a no sugar, low-calorie vanilla pudding after my run as I blogged. Yes, I’m buying in and trying all these different snack to help feed my sweet tooth without having the sugars. I guess after a 7 km run, you should probably have something more nutritious because after blogging I spent a bit of time throwing up that pudding and what I had for dinner hours earlier…  So, word of advice, have something that’s better for your body after a run! Even if it is late at night and you don’t want to consume the food, you might just need to refuel yourself properly!

Happy Eating!


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Janathon 2.04

Hi there!

My Janathon day 4 is complete with my jog, log, and now blog. Squats, squats, squats.  Squat jumps. Wood Chops with squats. Squats. Squat holds. I’m flooded with squats today! I just completed a 30 minutes Nike+ Training Club workout. These workouts are intense but great. I did the Slim Chance one today. If you have a chance, download the app and give some a shot. It’s what I used last year to lose some weight and help strengthen my body to speed up in my running. I’ve been starting January with Squats, Crunches, and Push Ups every morning and night (skipping it tonight by the way). Adding in this 30 minute workout that included various different squats, I’m all squatted out! I finished the workout and decided to hop on the treadmill to keep the runstreak going and completed a 1 km straight out run. Again, slightly bothered my Nike+ GPS Watch read 0.68 KMs while the treadmill read 0.62 Miles. I know the treadmill is accurate due to the pace and time it took me to complete that kilometre. Stretch, breathe, drink some water, ahhhhh, the day is a success.

January 4, 2015: 30 min N+TC Slim Chance workout, 1 km run, squats, crunches, and push ups

Although, I don’t have anywhere to log this, I’m logging it here in my blog for Janathon. I decided to walk out and get some groceries today with a backpack and walk home (instead of bus/car). In this backpack, I had a 5lb bag of potatoes, 3 lb bag of carrots, a bag of onions, 1 L chocolate milk, 2 tubs of 750 ml yogourt, a container of hummus, a big bag of frozen peas and some other various smaller grocery items (plus my sweater because it was too hot to wear it under my jacket by the time I decided to leave the store). In a separate bag I carried other foods consisting of some meat, veggies, and fruits – yes that’s right, I didn’t cave in for any bad food! So, I’m definitely counting that walk home as a big win for me! No sitting on the couch and waiting for someone else to do it for me or doing more trips with smaller portions. I went all out today and am very proud of myself for that. 🙂

I’m stoked to see so many other Janathoners keeping up because for Day 4, it feels like it’s already Day 10! Keep up all the great work! Don’t worry, if you’re not a fellow Janathoner – it’s okay, just get out there and be active!

Today’s comic from The Oatmeal is to shed a bit of light on the time I had to pause my workout today and clean off my medicine ball. I haven’t used it for so long, it felt like there were spider webs all over it since it just sits down in the basement. So, laying on my back holding the ball in front of my chest and reaching up, I thought spiders were going to drop down in my face…. this is pretty similar to how I felt.

the oatmeal cobwebs

If you’re going to use equipment you haven’t used in a while, it’s probably a good idea to give it a good wipe down!

Happy Running.


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Juneathon Day 17 – Logging Success

Happy Name Day to me!

Thank you everyone for the get well and birthday wishes. I’m feeling slightly better from yesterday. Definitely not 100% but not as horrible as yesterday. A sore throat and on and off headache is all plus a minor cough that I’m fighting since coughing hurts my throat.

Seeing that I’m not as awful as I was yesterday, I came home to rest…. With a 2 km run and a 30 minute Body Flexor workout on the #NTC program. I can’t miss a day, I just can’t, I’m a committed and loyal person so I had to do it. The run was for myself and for earning a Nike+ Badge that I had missed last year. Also, I can’t let Juneathon slide just because I missed one day; I’m counting the run as a make-up punishment for yesterday.

It’s 11 pm and I really should be hitting the bed but I’m not feeling all that tired even though my sickness kept my up all night yesterday? Yes, despite being in bed at 6 pm last night, I didn’t sleep all that much.

I’m running out of workouts that I do like doing and want to share with you that I feel I have some decent knowledge in. Is that sad? There are quite a few that I do do but I don’t enjoy them… Why would I force those onto you? So, while I sit here and think about all the workouts I can challenge you with that make me fall and tumble all over the ground feeling worthless, I’ve decided I’ll share something better… A workout calendar!
This is my Juneathon workout calendar. It has done wonders for me and kept me inspired. I fill out each week’s NTC workout program that I need to complete and for the blank days I add something in that day that I will do. Each day I cross of my activities. Similar to a workout journal, these tools can prove success in staying committed. When you write a goal down you are more likely to achieve it than one you commit to mentally or verbally. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, If it’s written, it’s real!

I even kept a running journal at one point and that was for Janathon. That worked well for me then but this works a little better now that I’m following a program. In the journal I had the date, exercise, time, pace, distance, temperature outside, and what I wore and how I felt in it to help learn how to dress while running outside. I don’t need that specific detail now that it’s just hot and I wear as minimal clothing, that I’m comfortable in, as possible.

I highly recommend recording your efforts to see how far you’ve come and how much you’ve accomplished. Even if you aren’t seeing a physical change, seeing all the work you’ve done, documented, can be something to be extremely proud of.

Even this simple running log would work great! I know we use Running Free Online for Juneathon logging but I’m telling you, something about flipping open a notebook or calendar or blank template page and actually writing down your accomplishments seem like such greater victories!

It doesn’t matter what specifics or how vague the specifics are that you are writing down, just do it and you will feel a sense of self-satisfaction that you may not be able to get otherwise.

Happy Jogging & Logging !


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