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Juneathon Day 14 – Golfing & Hydration

Good night…

It’s 10:30 PM and I just got in after waking up at 6:30 AM to get ready for a golf-tourney and BBQ to raise some money for charity and to play in honour of a good friend’s father who passed away 18 years ago. Golfing was fun and challenging. Some walking and swinging. In the end I reached my Fuel Points goal from my Nike + Fuel Band (which is better than most days when I work). I’m using this to gage the fact that I have been active enough all day to count as my Juneathon Day 14 Activities, playing 18 holes of golf. And just like running, I have found a similar inspirational message that I have often seen for running but turned into golf… This is exactly how we all felt after 15 holes when we wanted to take a mid-day nap.

Well, there was no 5k run as I am beat from the sun and probably around 4 hours of golfing. No, I’m no good at golf and we play best ball but I have a ton of fun and I’m out being active. As much as you may or may not believe golfing is a sport and physical activity (like I once thought), it is amazing! You’re walking, swinging your arms, bending your legs, and doing anything but sit on your butt on the couch for hours on end. I’ve taken over 8400 steps which is a little lower than the last day where I ran a 5k.

I’m not going to write a feature on how to golf because if I knew how, I wouldn’t have been +8 on the day… If you’re new to golf, the goal is to get as far into the negatives as you can (shooting under par – the recommended shots it takes to get the ball in).

Today’s feature is on Hydration.
I’ve posted some important pictures with information on staying hydrated when running and in general in the past. Water is important to your body’s survival, it makes up around 70% of your body weight.
1. Staying Hydrated is so important to your overall health, for weight loss, athletes, and for you.
2. By the time you realize you’re thirsty (Dry mouth, head ache, little urination, etc.), it’s already too late and your body is dehydrated.
3. You should be consuming at least 8 cups/ounces of water each day. No, this does not mean chugging down 8 glasses of water. You need to sip and consume throughout the day.
4. Bring a bottle with you wherever you go to track your intake.
5. Add lemon, lime, orange slices or fresh mint to the water to add some flavour.
6. Please make sure you are hydrating well 24 hours before a workout or run and hydrating during and after. I see far too many runners who look like they are covering long distances in gruelling hear and have no hydration system with them.
7. There are many reasons and benefits to stay hydrated and one I find is key, water carries out nutrients and oxygen throughout your body that is much needed. Without water helping to transport the substances your muscles and heart need, you are putting your body at risk!


Since this is a bit of a running blog, here’s a good one I found online regarding your urine colour, hydration, and recommended water to bring with you.

Happy Hydrating!


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Foreign Grounds

Hey World, difference

Yes, I’m here and alive!!!  I don’t even know where to start. I’ll start with the run. FINALLY, after over a month I picked up my lazy butt and went for a run. It wasn’t a far run but it was great and challenging nonetheless.

June 29 Run: 27:15 min, 3.5 km, 7’46″/km

I couldn’t end this month with not running once! I had big hopes to run a lot of KMs this month, beat my May total (I’ve increased my total runs/kms each month since January),  and run on my birthday but that fell through 😦 …  Well despite all the slacking I got out today and that’s all that matters. My GPS watch didn’t pick up a signal so the KMs is based on my footpod, I don’t think the distance is too far off. I had to walk at 2 km and 3 km just to give my breath a moment to catch itself. The new neighbourhood is quite peaceful and quiet. Not as many runners compared to where I was before but hopefully I start spotting more the more I get out there.

Regarding my breathing and allergies, I’ve seen a doctor and I’ve received an inhaler but I have not gone to pick it up yet. He said that allergies have been extremely high this year too so that could also affect me since I sneeze at basically everything! Hopefully, once I get this inhaler, I can regulate my breathing better and run MUCH MUCH MUCH faster. progress

My plan is to follow an 8 K Program. I’ll post this later on once I actually begin it. The plan is to run 8 km in 50 minutes. That is standard but apparently it’s going to be very difficult for me. That’s cutting almost 2 minutes per km!!! That’s huge!! But, I had the initial plan to run 5 km in 30 minutes so this plan will hopefully get me there! And you know what, If I don’t get to that average runner speed, who cares?! I’m out there running and doing something I love that’s good for me! 😀

I’ve finally hooked up my computer today and it doesn’t seem to want to cooperate. I’m now settled into my new home but there is still a lot of work to get done. There’s dirty dishes, dirty floors, dirty laundry, dirty bathrooms, etc. I’m sure you get the point. But with all of this in my life, it’s nothing new. YOU, fellow runner/athlete/blogger, find time to do what you love most! Why can’t I?! It’s time to stop being lazy and prioritize!!

I went a little AWOL on running in the last month but no more! I may have taken a break but don’t think I quit on you! Running world, I am back and I will keep at it! You know, you’re a runner when every morning heading into work, I would get extremely sad seeing all the runners. All I did was wish, why can’t I make time?! Why am I so lazy right now?! Excuses no more, running, I am here to stay!!

I would like to share with you that in the last month I have not been completely  slacking. I’ve found a new love in Golf. I grew up always interested but never really tried it out. This sport actually requires a lot more physical fitness than you may think. I’ve chosen to spend some time at the driving range over running and well, I need to balance my schedule out a little better. This month, I played my first 18 holes and loved it. I love both golf and running and I will make time for both! Running will only improve my game! 🙂

SOOOOOO.. I’m a little frustrated as this computer doesn’t seem to want to be working. I keep typing and my computer keeps crashing. I’ve lost this a couple of times and a few paragraphs have not been restored. Hopefully I covered all the key things I wanted to… There’s so much more to share with you and so many blogs I need to get caught up on. I hope you’ve been doing better than I and kept up with your passions in life.  Until my next run, enjoy your life!!

You only live once!


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