Hey World,

This page is a dedicated site for all snapshots of my runs on the Nike+ App. I’ve taken these off of the Nike+ Dashboard after syncing my run. You can now track my progress along with me. This way you know I’m not kidding and am working as hard as I can to hit the 5KM goal.

If you are an iPod Nano guru, please help me out. I’ve just started running with the iPod and I’m not 100% sure if I’m using the app to its full potential. Please share your tips and pointers.

Thanks for stopping by!

– Diana Mach 🙂

Longest run is actually 6.14KM



This was actually a 4 KM run in the rain but my iPod died and stopped recording…

The 29th is when I tried running on a treadmill and I think I broke it… Completed died on me, couldn’t fiinish my intended 5 km.

So I tried to track exactly 5 K and then track the rest…. I don’t think I’ll do that again… here’s the real stats:
Actual distance: 6.14 km
Actual time: 42:18


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