Janathon Dressing Gown Dash Video Challenge

Last day and here it is!! I went with my first video even though I realized I had a different Dressing Gown that’s way cooler than this one… I refuse to go through the stress with a second video with this lack of internet and lose my mind over it. I had to take a video of the video from my iPad with my iPhone since my phone has a data plan and my iPad does not (seeing that to upload I would need my Internet to be working!).  I was excited to do this challenge in my onesie costume I used for Halloween but Cathy from JogBlog did hers and well, we have the same Penguin onesie, so I had to find another idea. Apparently, I just learned what a proper dressing gown is (I always thought it was a nighty dress sort of deal). It’s actually just a bathrobe, something open in the front and has a tie across the waist. Oh and since dashing around isn’t quite ideal, I dashed a bit, did some jumping jacks, awkard lunges, and squats for your entertainment.

Without further ado, I present my “Dashing” in a Dressing Gown featuring my pup because he got really excited I was playing outside in the snow. If you’re also watching on your phone, you may want to turn up the brightness. A little different weather here where I am compared to where most Janathoners are, eh? 😀

DGDVC Janathon 2015:

Can’t wait to see all of your videos! Please, vote for me, I’d love to win the running bracelet by ceejay, so cool!

Happy Janathon!!!


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4 thoughts on “Janathon Dressing Gown Dash Video Challenge

  1. Love the DGDVC – well done! (p.s. The prizes on the website are a general draw – I haven’t got a prize for the DGDVC yet.)

  2. Well done 🙂 looks like you both were having fun

  3. Love it! 🙂

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