Janathon 2.26

I’m busy trying to figure out a free video editor since I have filmed myself for the Janathon challenge but am failing at it. So I will get in my log for today’s workout and hopefully and update to come to this post or a video coming very soon!

January 26, 2015: 1 km run, medicine ball slams, weight exercises, and some frolicking in the backyard for the Janathon Dressing Gown Challenge (aka a Bathrobe for my more North American friends)

Write again soon I hope!



Update: no video tonight… No internet actually. Cogeco is the worst!!! I really don’t want to bash any company. But seriously, I have made over 25 service calls in the three months we’ve had their services, 4 technicians come, 3 modems, spent money on my own router as I was told that would fix the problem, sent numerous complaints, and sent a few emails with a final complaint saying I wouldn’t pay my last bill until I actually have working Internet. I’m not paying for something that works whenever it wants to. Oh and I sent that Jan 17 and the only time I received a call back was on a Sunday at 5:30 pm, dinner time with my family, no cells phones do not get answered at this time! Called back Monday and was told the supervisor would call back again… Oh it’s been over a week. I am sooo mad!!!! What kind of customer service is this??? I can’t wait for another cold call to change providers! Sigh…

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2 thoughts on “Janathon 2.26

  1. Well done on doing the dressing gown challenge…still have to do mine. Look forward to seeing it once you get your internet issues sorted…all sounds v annoying!

    • It really is! Also, I might redo it. I chose a silly cheapy dressing gown but realized I have a much cooler one… We shall see. What I can get in the next few days. Haha.

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