Janathon 2.23


It must be opposite week because today I thought I would want to run after all my excitement last night. I got on the treadmill and all I wanted to do was weights! I wanted to lift and row and bench and get tough! Oh well the plan said to run 7 km so I did that. As an award I gave myself a few reps of various dumbbell activities. Unfortunately, I may have been too excited and possibly hurt myself. Always remember to practice good form and posture!! Not to worry, I’m okay now, but for a good five minutes I thought I was having a stroke or was going to die from pain that ached and stabbed through between my pec and deltoid…? Then it hit my chest and heart and I had to curl up and scream a little… Oh the agony, what did I do? The chest pain is gone and now it’s only to one side. I’ve hurt this muscle or whatever it is that exists there before. I don’t know how I pulled it or strained it. But seeing that I’ve pulled the muscle once before due to my lack of flexibility I think I might have gone too hard tonight. Oh Well, that will be all tonight because it’s time to get out of sweaty clothes and stretch these arms out.

January 23, 2015: 7 km run and a few weights/squat exercises


Oh and don’t forget it’s the weekend, yay to daytime (daylight) running outdoors!

Happy Running!


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