Janathon 2.09

Good evening, oh well it’s past 9 so I guess Good Night.

Oh why yes it was a good night for Janathon Day 9. Well as good as it can get. I did my run close to plan… I completed the 5k but had to speed up the run. The extra slow jogging pace was getting way too slow for me and I really didn’t want to be on the treadmill for the last km for twice the time I could actually finish it. So, I’m exhausted now but I emptied the tank at the end of the run so I could max myself out and get the distance covered. Whew. Feels good to finish the run.

January 9, 2015: 5 km run (3.15 miles on the treadmill)

Sometimes you just have to run a little faster to feel great! I know, don’t overdue it, follow the plan, don’t risk an injury. I may have run faster than I normally do but I did it to my capabilities.

Happy Running!


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6 thoughts on “Janathon 2.09

  1. Good job!! I did my squats w/weight and lifting but forgot to log until almost 1am, so I guess I am out of the running for any prizes. It’s all good though, not the reason I am doing it. Love your cartoon!

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