Janathon 2.06

Hey There,

It’s 10 pm and I just finished my first run on my new half marathon plan. When I have a bit more time this weekend I will load up the plan. For now, in the plan I trust. No matter how fast or slow (very slow today) the pace is supposed to be. Just to share some more weirdness with my watch, on my fast runs my watch says 1km for the 1 mile on my treadmill. On my slow run today my watch read 8 KMs for the 3.11 miles (5k). A little crazy how huge of a difference it is.

January 6, 2015: 5 km run and squats

Yes, I’m still forcing myself to do squats even though my legs are burning. Go me!

No long post to share as I’m now going to try to cool down and get some sleep (if it weren’t for Janathon, I would have been in bed an hour ago with no exercise).

By the way, this whole limiting myself to 1200 calories and tracking my food, I’m constantly hungry which turns me hangry…. It’s no fun! Hopefully all the water eventually makes up for it…


Remember to take a minute to breathe and rest even with all the movement you’re doing extra this month, you’ve earned it!

Happy Resting!


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