Janathon 2.05


I think everyone who had to go back to work today felt the same way I did getting home late, making dinner, eating, digesting, and well, lazy afterwards. Oh it’s also bloody cold out so indoor workout was the plan the entire day while I sat at my desk and dreamed about how much I’d rather be doing a job where I’m physically active. So, what’s someone to do who loves to work with Excel, databases, creating awesome reports and conducting analysis, but also wants to be in an industry that promotes exercise? I’d like to spend half my day at a computer and the other half getting in shape. I guess that’s my journey I’ll have to discover…. unless you’ve got a lead? 🙂

Well, I went a little American today and ran 1 mile instead of 1 km on the treadmill… I know, I said I’d try to do 2 kms per day but I start my Half Marathon plan tomorrow with a 5 k. I keep getting told I need to make sure I take my rest days too. I’m already ready to call it quits for Janathon because I’m just so lazy but here I am, 1 mile later, I’m back on the couch watching the World Juniors. I guess I’m back to Canadian!!! Go Canada!!!! These boys are on fire!! Unlike me, I’m super sore all over from “all” this working out I’ve been doing.

January 5, 2015: 1 mile run (1.61 km run)

Thanks for always listening (reading) about my running, love-hate relationship with treadmills, and my journey of a life. I don’t have the right Oatmeal comic for today (plus I don’t want to give away his entire book) and since I’m sure other people may not always want to hear about my running or Janathon, here’s a funny little image:

treadmill face

Happy Running!


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5 thoughts on “Janathon 2.05

  1. Treadmills are evil things but guess if the weather is awful they are the better option. Thank goodness the weather is rarely too awful here

    • We are still under and extreme cold alert by our goverment so treadmill it is! I don’t mind cold, but not when it’s so cold it hurts. You’re lucky you have good weather.

  2. Rest days are just as important! And if you figure out the perfect job, can you let me know…

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