Juneathon Day 24 – Sumo Squat Jabs

Ok ok I’m still in one piece.

I may not be able to breathe all that well but the rest of me seems to be sort of back to normal. I am picking up where I left off on my NTC program. Juneathon day 24 activities include 30 minute Body Flexor workout. I succeeded in completing it although I did lose count of how many coughing attacks I had during the exercises. It was depressing. Each fit hit me near the end of a rep. The worst were push ups – for the one minute reps, I spent the last 10 coughing on the floor. A few other exercises were tough on me as well but hey, I’m still alive so kiss my butt sickness and say goodbye. I say these things as I sit here blogging and coughing my brains out… Sometimes I just want to cry. Actually, sometimes I’ve been coughing so hard my eyes do water…I really hope this ends soon. Being sick in the summer just doesn’t work!

Now that I’m back, I should feature a workout of some sort. I haven’t really looked into all the benefits of this but it definitely seems to work out almost all of your body: legs, core, and arms. I’m rushing through this blog so I can go make a tea and call it a night… Without further delay, I present you, Sumo Squat Jabs.

Here’s how to Sumo Squat Jab:
1. Stand straight with your legs apart and toes pointing slight outwards (feet turned outwards in opposite directions). Face right and jab your right arm forwards.
2. Bend your knees into a sumo squat and jab forward again with the same hand. Move quickly between 1 and 2 for 30 seconds – up jab, down jab, repeat.
3. Keeping your feel in the same position, turn your hips to the left and repeat with your left arm jabbing outwards while standing straight.
4. Jab outwards to the left while in sumo squat position. Repeat up jab, down jab, and continue for 30 seconds.

Alternatively, you can repeat doing four jabs on one side, rotate hips, four jabs on the other side, rotate hips, repeat for a minute.

And there you have it. A very potentially awkward but rewarding and fun new exercise. I’m a little uncoordinated, the clumsy one…sometimes I have to take a minute to realign myself and do this but it all works out in the end. You should give it a shot!

Here’s to hoping a good sweat will put me back to normal when I wake up tomorrow.

Happy Jabbing!



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