Juneathon Day 19 – Grumbles

*mumble grumble*

Last night, June 19th, I thought I was feeling better. I ordered wings from my favourite place thinking I could try to stomach some food to get some energy. I’ve lost more weight this past week compared to the last 6 weeks of working out and eating healthier… It’s a little scary because it’s not good weight loss, so I am prepared to gain it all back once I can eat. I thought that was last night. To start off, my favourite wings were not so good… They were not cooked right (they didn’t bread them?) and something about the chicken just didn’t seem right, but I was STARVING. I have barely eaten since Monday. Having a snack here or there to hold me down while my stomach cries out but my throat just says no. I ate and felt great. Thought I would do some yard work and go for a short light trot to get some KMs in…. The moment I stood up, I was in so much pain. My stomach cramped up and my chest felt heavy. My heart was racing and I was sweating. I have no idea what overcame my body but I spent the next hour moving slowly between the bathroom and my bed in the fetal position. I didn’t know if I was going to throw up or have a heart attack…. At some point around 8-8:30 PM I was curled up in my bed and I guess I was knocked out. I woke up about every half hour covered in sweat…. What the heck is wrong with me? I thought my sore throat was going away but because I was so weak, I didn’t take my night-time neocitron to help… After a night of sweating and cough attacks, I decided I would take a sick day. I normally prefer to work while sick as it keeps me focussed on work over my symptoms but I coughed a lot yesterday at work and I don’t think my colleagues appreciate that very much so I decided I’ll just cover my house up with germs instead. At this current moment I’m feeling better but I’m starving. I tried to eat this morning and couldn’t. My stomach started to ache. So, here I am, curled up on the couch with a soothing freezie for my throat, hoping I feel better so I don’t miss tonight’s NTC workout, it’s 45 minutes long… I can do this, right…?! I sure hope so…

I’m pretty bummed out I missed my daily activities yesterday. I was looking forward to clocking in 3 kms and getting on the bike for a little bit. I’m very sad now that I’ve missed 2 days of 19 for Juneathon. I did better in January and I’m pretty sure I was sick back then too with a cold… 😦

Well, thanks for reading this as I don’t expect you to read this awful, depressing post about how sick I have been and how much I miss food. I hope you’re doing much better than I am and we can all get in some good activity today to make us feel healthier and happier.

Happy Thoughts!… Keep Happy Thoughts and life will be good.


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8 thoughts on “Juneathon Day 19 – Grumbles

  1. I’m with you through the good and the bad, sounds awful – try not to push yourself too much just hydrate gently. Eat small amounts when you can and keep it very bland plain rice cakes dry toast or plain biscuits. If you try to eat too much too soon it’s a shock to the system and it will make you sick, that’s what the gp told me when I’d had a period of not being well and hardly eaten. Look after yourself xxxxx

    • You are such a wonderful soul Bitzy. Thank you. I’ve been living off Popsicles, freezies and cough syrup. Yay life… Hopefully I’ll be back soon.

      • You won’t be long at all, just dig in deep and your body will thank you soon – glad you have some supplies to hand xx look forward to seeing you better 🙂 x

  2. Aah you poor thing, sounds awful 😦 Take care of yourself and don’t try and rush back into anything too soon, even when you’re feeling better it’ll take your body a while to fully recover. Hope you’re feeling better soon. J x

    • Thank you. I’m still coughing and feeling horrible. Trying to keep up with blogs but I get so sad seeing how much you guys are getting to do. Hopefully I’ll be back at it soon.

  3. Sounds lovely! :-/
    I’d be giving the 45 min workout a miss though.

  4. I hope you’re feeling better soon! I’m fighting my way through a bronchitis plague. Funny, chocolate helps everything.

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