Juneathon Day 10 – Walking Lunges

Hi there,

Today’s Juneathon Juneathon Day 10 activities include a nice 30 minute walk (when I could have had been in a car) and a 30 minute Body Flexor workout from the Nike+ Training Club program. This is my first workout of my second program, Beginners Get Toned. Although the program wants to tell me I haven’t finished a program, yesterday I finished my very first 4 weeks of the NTC Beginners Get Lean program. I was in a bit of a rush yesterday so I didn’t get to express how extremely proud of myself I am for sticking to a plan for 4 weeks straight and completing everything I needed to. I missed logging one of the workouts so it told me I only did 94% of the program and now it says I am at 0 for finishing a program but whatever! I completed it and I know so I’m ecstatic! The workout today had some new exercises that I will hopefully get much better at. Can’t wait to keep pushing myself, even if I am too tired.

The exercise I’d like to feature today, I’ve been doing this one for the last 4 weeks and it was in today’s program too, Walking Lunges. Remember how I mentioned I love Hip Raises because they help tighten your butt, well so do Walking Lunges! Add some Walking Lunges into your workout to fit into some skinny jeans or to tighten up your gluts. This exercise also helps to build stronger legs (hams, quads, and inner thigh) and help with stability.

Here’s how to do Walking Lunges:
walking lunges

1. Start in Standing Position with feet hip-width apart
2. Walk forward by stepping your right foot forward and low at the hips bending both of your legs
3. Step up and Bring the back leg forward into another lunge downward
4. Take 3 steps (or 4 depending on the space you have), turn around, and repeat for a minute (or do reps if you prefer)

Key Notes: Push down with your hips, keep weight on your front foot that’s being planted, and try to keep your core tight and back straight. It is tough to keep your balance at first from one lunge walking into another and I still wobble sometimes but it’s a great workout!

Happy Walk Lunging!


just do it

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