Juneathon Day 7 – Stretching

Happy Weekend!

Now I know why today was intended to be a rest day based on the NTC plan I’ve been doing. My legs are sore in every possible area. Well, regardless, it’s Juneathon so I pulled my butt outside this morning and ran a few laps around a track for 30 minutes, a little under 4 KMs. I didn’t say it was going to be a fast run! Haha.

I will have to use this blog to rant a little bit and maybe get some insight on this situation… A fellow runner was who got me out because he was doing speed work at a track and offered to pick me up. So, it was early and hot but off we went… Drove to one high school, the track was gated and locked! What’s up with that? Let me in! I was there a few nights ago… Ok fine… We decided not to hop the fence and drive to another high school; locked out too!!? Okay, this one was a catholic school so I understand, maybe the funds are different. But the first track was a public school that is also part of a public library…. I don’t understand??? I’ve never seen this before. Our third school worked out, no gates up, but it was super beat up: pot holes in the track and the lines were barely visible, but I’m just happy I got on a track because I wouldn’t have ran as much if I had been outside running a set route. Sometimes running aimlessly with a time goal instead of a distance does really help!

All I did was run and walk today. I’ve skipped the weights; I’m lazy and tired. Today I’d like to share some stretching tips good for runners. These exercises do feel great! I don’t stick to all of them but I am going to start to try!

Here’s how to Stretch After a Run:

Happy Running & Stretching!


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9 thoughts on “Juneathon Day 7 – Stretching

  1. This is great! Loooove Stretch #4. Unfortunately I can’t provide any insight as to why those tracks would have been locked, but I can understand how frustrating running on a beat up track is! There’s only ONE track in the downtown core where I live and it’s all grassy with no lines. Makes a track workout kind of pointless in my opinion.

    • Thanks!! It is pointless but at least I stopped counting laps/distance and just ran aimlessly. Haha. Grassy sounds even worse!

  2. Stretching….I know I should…but nobody likes doing stood they are rubbish at :-/

    • NMOAR, you have to give it a shot! I just finished 5k, saw your comment and figured I couldn’t be a hypocrite so I did the stretches. It does feel good! And I am no good at them either but they’re good for the body! πŸ™‚

  3. I have done them. Like actually, really, scout’s honour…except the middle pic…couldn’t work out what was going on there.

    • Fantastic! *high five*
      That one is tricky; I just do it like 1 with a further bend at the hips to stretch my back out too. I can’t do 5 very well. I’m sure your body feels better and appreciates the effort πŸ™‚

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