Janathon PJ Off-Side-Plank!

Good Morning Janathoners, Bloggers, Runners/Fitness Lovers, Friends!

Today is the last day of Janathon janathon-participant-logo. I will have a more emotional blog later today, once I finish my last run for the month.  I have finally got my PJ Plank photographed! Actually I had to videotape it and then turn it into a photo from my iPhone. I warn you, this is an off side photo and you know, why wouldn’t I? Prizes are at stake and although I’m in Canada and probably won’t get anything, I’ve been a Janathon ambassador all month spreading the word out here, so I have to get in my PJ plank! I sleep in a braid/bun and some shorty shorts… That is all… No fun animal onesies, no flannels, no silky smooth pieces… Just me and some shorts.

Any-who, as I mentioned this is an off-side-plank (haha, get what I did? I like watching hockey and who doesn’t like a good word play) in my PJs.

Janathon Plank 2

Okay, so maybe that one won’t count so I got my friend to take a picture of a regular plank in my morning clothes this morning.

Janathon Plank 1

It’s January 31st and I just made it in time to submit my plank photos.

Hope you got a good laugh! I did!


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2 thoughts on “Janathon PJ Off-Side-Plank!

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  2. Great planking 🙂

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