Janathon Day 15

It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities. – J. K. Rowling

January 15 Run: 18:00 (mm:ss), 2.33 km, 7’47″/km (iPod)
janathon day 15

A little different kind of day compared to yesterday. Work felt a lot slower today, I felt exhausted, moody, and basically just cranky. Have you ever had one of those days? Well, after a day like that, nothing was on my mind – not even running. So, I gave what my goal was and did the 2 kms. I did a bit more in terms of sit ups and weights afterwards but probably still not nearly enough. I need to up my cross and strength training! That may be a goal after accomplishing 2 km’s a day for January.

Health-wise I’m probably 95%!! The only other bit is just getting some rest and getting my stomach back to normal. Although during today’s run, I did have to slow down so I could actually blow my nose… that’s not something I can multi-task.

I read a pretty helpful article on Runner’s World today, The 6 Best Exercises for New Runners. There’s some great information in this article – even if you aren’t a new runner!!! The exercises are all basic and pretty easy to perform.

Well,ย Janathonย janathon-participant-logoย Day 15 has been completed with a 2 km run. I am on a 16 day run streak! I would have never thought I’d run this many days straight!! I’d like to be a lot more excited but maybe when the month is over and I see a few pounds go (I thought I was losing weight but I’m not)… I know, diet has a lot to do with it too and having pizza for dinner tonight was probably not a good idea. I miss those days when I ate mall food every day and I weighed a lot less than I do now. I like bad foods and I like good foods. I like to eat and I don’t want to give it up. Even in fruits I’ve been told I eat it too much – too much sugar all the time and I eat it all day every day (sugar at night is not as good for you apparently). So, I’ll control myself with moderation – which is why I didn’t eat an entire pizza to myself, I can you know! … I shouldn’t be that proud of that fact but I’m proud I ate two of the smaller slices to the pizza and stopped after that.

I’m not sure how much truth there is to this image below (I’m too tired to do the research on this but it seems appropriate)…
think about it diseases
It might be true and it might be a myth and there’s a 95% chance that the percentage is purely made up but there’s a 100% craving for some pop and burgers now… This picture is also missing fries! Haha… Stupid advertising.
Unfortunately, if our choices make us who we are and you are what you eat, I’m a big round, greasy, piece of deliciousness! Luckily, I do make other good choices and it’s not like I have pizza every day. ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope you’ve been stronger than I and saying NO to those bad craving and substitute with healthier choices.

Until tomorrow’s run, Happy Running! (or Biking, or Walking, or Swimming, or Cross/Strength Training, or whatever you are blogging about because I like reading your blog too!)


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8 thoughts on “Janathon Day 15

  1. Yes – there is a direct relation between chronic disease, lack of exercise and what you eat. Huge!! I took a nutrition class about just this exact point. My son is a nutrition major. Come visit my blog and hit the link to Tony’s Nutrition Tips to read more.

    Good job on the pizza control. Go Janathon!!

    • Hey Kim, I completely believe and agree there is a relationship between all of it. I was just making fun of the Percentage. Always been taught that 50% of the time a percentage figure without a source is probably made up, hahaha. I enjoy yours and your son’s blog! Love all the tips ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Great control on that pizza, somehow there is an unwritten rule that we have to eat the whole thing isn’t there? (I can too)

  3. Mmm, pizza! I thought I’d have lost weight by now too, as I haven’t drunk any alcohol so far this month, along with exercising every day, but I haven’t (damn all those leftover Christmas chocolates and biscuits). I do feel fitter and firmer though, so I’m happy with that! Well done on your run streak!

    • Thanks Cathy! Feeling fitter and firmer is all that matters!! Less jiggle is all I really want but I am addicted to the scale ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
      Keep at it!! We’ll feel great at the end of the month ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Mmmm, pizza…not sure I could have been as controlled as you! Well done on running everyday so far, you’re doing great and glad to hear you’re feeling a lot better, still not 100% but not too far off now hopefully ๐Ÿ™‚

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