Winter’s Coming…

Running slow isn’t a character flaw, quitting is. It’s never too cold.

November 21 Run: 30:07 (mm:ss), 3.23 km, 9’19″/km, plus 5 minute warm up & 5 minute cool down

Okay, so my last post I said who cares how slow I go as long as I go. Yes, I still believe that but I also don’t believe that I should be running THIS slow on a treadmill. I’ve never had a run at this pace and still feel I was running. I’m really hating the treadmill right now seeing that I am running 2 minutes slower per km than I am outside and it feels just as tough!! It’s a little depressing seeing on fitness trackers that doing 9 minutes per km is a brisk walk pace and I’m actually running at that pace. Huh?!

running in the coldSo here it is, who cares how cold it is or going to get or how dark it gets, I am running outside!! I will invest and put some money into stupid expensive winter running gear and be prepared. There’s no good routes to run when it’s dark here because the paths are not lit at all. The streets are short and boring but I bet they’re more enjoyable than on the treadmill!! I will figure this out and get outside to complete my runs!

Here’s to wishing happy runs for all of us! 🙂


P.S. I completed my cross training again yesterday as per plan with some boxing, stationary cycling, and various strength training exercises.

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6 thoughts on “Winter’s Coming…

  1. Good for you on keeping up the cross training…I have taken “rest” to heart, and done NOTHING physical other than work, for ten days now. I plan on getting to the gym and doing some elliptical, at least, before I completely forget how to exercise. (sigh) 8 weeks until the marathon is a crappy time to break down, y’know?

    • Hey Nick, it’s okay to take a break!! I always seem to go on a hiatus from running and being for a few times a year. Your body needs some rest sometimes. You’ll do great at the marathon! 8 weeks is plenty time! Keep your head up. 🙂

  2. Good for you for getting outside!!!!!

  3. Jane Likes to Run

    That is a exactly how I feel about running on the treadmill. I would rather be out there in sub zero temps.

  4. findingmystrong

    Good for you!!

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