Hey World,

Only one week left to the next charity 10 k – The Terry Fox Run. I’m no where close to being able to run 10 k straight through but I will complete 10 k no matter what!

September 8 Run: 37:42 minutes, 5.07 km, 7’26″/km

Today was a much better run! RunRChatts came out and we did the run together. It’s been a while and although I’m sure I’m too slow for him, I was running much faster than I normally do trying extra hard to keep up. Even though I can’t really speak when I’m running (which I know means I’m running too hard) and I have headphones on, the company means a lot. I’m glad he came for a run with me.

running inspiration finishedNow that the weather is getting a little cooler and running is a little easier, have you been signing up for races? I’m trying to but am finding it hard to commit. For whatever reason, I really want to be running with others and am finding it difficult in getting support. I’m not asking for others to run at my slower pace, but just to have a group at the end who would wait for me and we can all celebrate our success together. Do I need to join a running group to meet running friends or get some encouragement? It’s not that I’m trying to come off as weak and can’t do things by myself, I’d just like to be able to celebrate the wins of finishing a race at the end with someone other than myself. Plus, signing up for races sets goals and targets that I have to hit. I can’t be so wishy washy about running since there are actual finish lines to cross.

There are quite a few runs and races I want to sign up for coming up:
October 6:  CIBC Run for the Cure
October 20: Turkey Trot Trail Race (I’ve never even ran trail before?)
December 7: Santa 5K (Everyone has to dress as Santa, it’s part of your race kit!)
December 31: Resolution Run (THIS ONE IS A MUST!! I REALLY WANT TO DO THIS!)

So, if you’re in the area and would like to join me, please let me know if you plan on doing any of these runs, maybe we could meet up for a picture or just high fives.

Even if you’re not in the area, I wish you well in your runs and races coming up! 🙂
Happy Running!



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2 thoughts on “Priceless

  1. I really wish the cooler weather would come on and get here…I postponed today’s long run from pre-dawn (80 degrees, with 80% humidity) to sunset (forecast 80 degrees and 45% humidity) – these are the choices I have!
    I have found that I prefer to do my training alone, but I do enjoy social running; I joined a running club, but so far their schedule does not at all sync with mine. I have a series of races either already registered, or on the “short list”, because I love the excitement of a race!
    Sorry, I can’t make it up there to run with you, but if you ever get to Texas, look me up…I know some real pretty beaches to run on!

    • Wow! That is hot! We are going up to 42 degrees Celsius (89ish F?) on Wednesday . I completely agree when it comes to training and running a race for a PB or to set any record. I am just finding that some of the more fun runs, like a Santa run where everyone HAS to wear the Santa costume they get as their race kit (or they get pulled from the run) is just a great fun Holiday run I’d really like to do with others. I guess maybe I need to get out of my shell and make friends with the people who ARE running in the race.
      Maybe one day our paths will cross and you can take a slow easy run with me (hard run for me but maybe by that time I’ll be faster!).

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