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What a beautiful Saturday morning it is here! I thought it was a lot cooler but it’s actually just the lack of humidity. It is 23°C  and feels like 28. I still got out there, even if I chose to wear kapris instead of shorts… silly me…

July 13 Run: 21:43 minutes, 3.06 km, 7’05″/km

Wohoo, my speed went up a little bit from the last two runs but maybe that’s because I did a short run and it wasn’t so humid. 3K sounds like nothing compared to what I was able to push myself to so that is disappointing to feel that 3 kilometres has already kicked my butt! I am happy that I did go and run and that I can still get 3k under my belt. It’s better than 0!

It’s tough thinking I am running once a week. I envy each of you for running every day or multiple times a week – most of you have kids, a family, and I’m sure a much busier life than I. My town-house is still yet to be completed with the cleaning. There is just so much to do, it’s never ending. Not to mention work has been extremely busy and I’ve had to put in a couple work nights and will be working a little bit over the weekend as well. This coming week won’t get any better with how busy work will be but I am excited to be out for another run soon! Getting out and moving is really what matters at the moment.

Back to running. I finally picked up the inhaler… but FORGOT to use it before my run as the doctor recommended. I felt like there was something I was missing all morning when I was getting ready but thought, Shoes, Watch, Music, Gum, I’m good! Less than half a km away from home, I start working on regulating my breathing and realize I forgot to use the inhaler. Of course at this point I’ve already done my warm up walk and began running, I didn’t want to turn back. Maybe I’ll remember next run and I’ll be able to breathe better!!

running inspiration redefining impossibleI’m enjoying life and enjoying the company I have ❤
I am hoping to find more time to enjoy more of the things I love, run, golf, and read.

On a side note, for all you ladies out there, what do you work out in? I’ve been set on kapris (slim fit) but now that the summer is hot, I need shorts. I’ve tried many shorts. I have tried what you say are running shorts (built in undies and loose fiiting), and I have some longer tight shorts above the knee. Here’s my problem, I have meaty thighs (which is why I need to run more!). The tights are too tight around my thighs at the edge where the sewing is (they taper in too much for skinny people). The running shorts ride up my hoo-haa when I start running (my meaty thighs rub together and pull the shorts up in the middle), so I’m left pulling them down every two seconds. Is there nothing made for me??? I can’t go with tight shorts in a larger size because they start falling down my hips. I can’t go for running shorts in a larger size so that there’s length because they start falling down my hips. I know most runners have this ideal body type but I know a lot of you are just like me, beginner and trying to get in shape. How do you dress for these hot days and you’re being physical?

I may be an occasional runner right now, but don’t you worry, I have not broken up with running, never! ❤

Thank you for following/reading my blog!


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7 thoughts on “Getting Out

  1. leesoh

    I use football/soccer shorts; they have tied waists, as well as elastic, so you can buy them baggy, and tighten them up. They’re also loose around the thigh, and light enough to run.

    • Great suggestion! I used to run n my basketball shorts but found those ones tooooo long. I will definitely need to dig up my soccer shorts… If they still fit! Ha.

  2. Do you find the capris comfortable despite the fact that they are too hot? What brand/type are you using? I know that some brands make capris that are meant for the heat – I know Under Armour does, but I don’t know if it is an international brand/how hard it is to come by in your country (example: I’m sure other brands make something similar.

    Wish I could help more – I find that running shorts work well for me, and compression shorts either cut into my thighs or ride up so I avoid them.

    • I find most of my capris comfortable. I have Adidas and Nike ones. Maybe they aren’t made for the summer? I just know they are the quick dry ones. Those under armour ones look amazing! I’m in Canada and we do carry UA, I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for those.

      Thanks a bunch!! 🙂

      • If you have something like a TJMaxx or Marshalls (a store that sells like overstock/clearance brand name items) I often find half price UA there! Also, I think Target might carry ones for the “heat.” Good luck!

      • I tried Marshall’s here yesterday and had no luck. It’s finally cooling down here so back to capris that I tug up because my calves are huge. We have a target here but mo big brand names or anything either. Thanks 🙂

      • No problem! I hope you eventually find something that works well for you 🙂

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