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Hey there,

I haven’t blogged since my 10k Race last Sunday because I haven’t been out for a run. I went for a run yesterday!

20130520-092435.jpgMay 19 Run: 43:52, 6.16 km, 7’07″/km

This week I let go and ate everything I craved and wanted… Well almost everything, I didn’t cave and have poutine or any of the other really bad foods I love. Pizza, chips, candy, and much more was in the mix. BUT it’s ok, I run. 🙂

Now, I’ve been really caught up all week with deciding what the next race will be. I want to sign up for all of them in June before it gets too hot but I am busy packing and moving. I want to make time to train but I also don’t want to stress myself out too much. I’ll decide when the time comes closer to the races… I feel like I’m addicted to races already! I keep looking them up and I’ve even written down all the options for June on a calendar. I don’t want to be overcommitted either…

Here’s the craziest thing… Last year, completing 10k would have been out of this world for me to complete before the September plan, but I did it in May, 4 months earlier! I would have never thought 10k would be so fun. But here I am…. Craving to finish this years’s races so I can train for a half marathon. Did I just really say this?! I think so. I’ve been dabbling with the idea ever since finishing the 10k last week. I WANT to finish a half marathon! I may be slow, but I will finish! 🙂

So what’s really next? A lot of running, I will make time. Packing, moving, and settling in a new home. Run some more. Sign up for some fun runs. Start my fundraising for the Terry Fox Foundation. Decided on which 10k to run in September (Terry Fox fun run or Toronto Zoo Run-timed). Maybe begin training for a half marathon for 2014?

Happy Running,


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6 thoughts on “What’s Next

  1. I’ve found you have to give into those cravings once in a while or else you completely fall off!

    Signing up for races is one of the bigger decisions to make this summer. Which ones and where? I think the problems sometimes is that there are so many. Not a bad problem to have.

    Either way, with the summer here I’m looking forward to some good runs but need to stay hydrated to make them count.

    • Great post! I use myfitnesspal as well to track my water and always feel fantastic those days where my cup of water overflows on the app!

      A great way to stay hydrated at work is starting bringing your cup everywhere! I have a travel mug I fill with water and bring to all my meetings and sits next to my mouse at my desk. People probably think I am having coffee but it is just water. Keeps my hydrated and remembering to sip away throughout the day.

      All of the races I’ve been looking at are relatively easy to get to but I can’t wait to start runcations!!

      • Thanks for reading my post!

        Couldn’t agree more. I think the art of staying hydrated is to sip throughout the day – not pound water all at once. It’s also helpful for weight loss too. Our bodies get confused sometimes thinking we’re hungry but actually thirsty.

  2. I have actually lost weight after eating pizza or something “bad” for me. I really believe that sometimes your body needs to know that it will get some carbs and such and let go of the weight it is holding onto. Just one of my observations. Great post.

  3. I SO understand the “race addiction”! I ran my 1st 10K just a couple of weeks ago, and I have a 1/2 mary in two weeks – that was unplanned, I won the registration, but decided to go for it! Now I’m waiting for the lottery on the Houston Marathon, because that outcome will determine a large part of the rest of this year, training, races, schedules, everything!

  4. Kenz!e

    Good job. Running is hard work enjoy yourself.

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