Till I Collapse

Good Evening,

April 25 Run/Intervals: 40 minutes, 3.22 miles (5.18 km, 5.33 km on Nike+)


Just a side note, we are all runners. I’ve found it offensive when people say I jog or ask if I’m going for a jog. I don’t quite know why. Maybe it’s because every time I run, I am RUNNING.
Even if my all is slower than the norm,
I give it my all.
I am not a jogger.

My body has been tired since Monday’s 10k run. I felt tired still today but forced myself to run. I’ve gained three pounds this week from bad food choices, I had to run! Tonight’s run consisted of a 5 minute walk, 20 minute run, then a series of 1 minute light running at 4-5 mph and 1 minute runs with the runs speeding up to 6 mph (my average challenging pace is 5 mph)! I had wanted to stop after 5 minutes of running, then 10… Then I just kept setting another 5 minute mark. Then I realized, I can’t stop until I hit 5K as I told my VP at work today that I would run tonight if he did. I have to keep my integrity, which is what I did! I just made 5K on the 40 minutes I set on the treadmill, whew! Luckily, tonight, I had Eminem to push me through and get lost in the moment with.

I’m not too tired now. My body has just been malnourished and stuffed with junk this week. I’m nervous but excited for the 10K. I want to finish that and start planning for more runs. I’d like to do more 5K runs and can’t wait to sign up for some!

Off to rest some more and get my body back into good health.



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