Stay Calm, Pray, and Run On (11:3)


I am trying to keep my focus to not rant on about how disgusted I am by the recent tragedies and how saddened I am with mankind; I will however blog about running as usual. I would also like to mention how I love the running community, I love how strong and connected all runners are, how this horrific attack will NOT stop any of us from running, and I am thankful to be part of this world as all of your blogs have made me believe that there is still good out there.

20130416-220828.jpgI initially had planned on running yesterday. After hearing the news just before leaving work, I was devastated. I got home and all I could do was find anything to follow the story online. I watched every live news feed available. I walked to the corner store, got some junk, and just binged as I watched the news and feel my heart sinking and my mind so lost. Needless to say, running did not happen yesterday.

For those of you that don’t know me, I don’t have access to cable/free TV. Yes, this is by choice! I watch what I like online, commercial free. I read my news through the newspaper and am very selective with that. I try not to stay caught up with the news because I cannot stand the heartbreak. Newspapers don’t celebrate the good in the world as often as reporting on the demons.


April 16 Run: 74 minutes, 5.89 (9.48 km, 9.55 km on Nike+)

Anyways, today we ran outside because the weather called for it. It was tough to keep the pace I should as I’m still not capable of regulating my pace to a T. The run wasn’t too hard though. I had runrchatts come out to my neighborhood. He’s great at pacing me but I’m just a slacker. My thighs burned the entire time. My heart felt warm. I thought about a lot and cleared my mind for a while. 20130416-215632.jpg Dedicated my run, as I knew many others would be, to show my support for all of those in Boston – the runners and all the supporters and heroes. I ran hoping that the father who lost his little boy would one day run again. I ran believing that this is a sick and twisted individual will get what’s coming to him and that the world is good. I ran and stayed calm, much calmer than I felt last night. I prayed in my mind running. I sent my thoughts out. I finished my run.

I’m still a bit lost for words as I feel I can go on about how I just don’t understand, how close this feels, how much this does hurt me and make me sad… But I will not…
My thoughts and prayers are with everyone who has been affected and to every runner in the world.


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