On Pause

Hi there,

Happy Monday! Unfortunately, this post will not include a run update.

Over the weekend, I had a great time playing trampoline dodgeball for two hours! I hurt my knee on the first jump but didn’t realize how bad it was. I just played through it for two hours. What a great fun workout! That night, my knee was hurting in a dull pain I’ve never felt before. It felt so bad I almost cried when I tried to go for a walk. I iced my knee for the night and went to bed.
I woke up and was unable to walk at all! I liked around for the day in the worst pain. Plus my body was sore everywhere! My thighs, bum, back, arm, everything! Definitely got a good workout… I had a few family functions to get to and that was very difficult. I did eat a lot and enjoy myself when I didn’t have to be on my feet.

Today, I woke up and most of the pain is gone! Whew! It’s still hurting a bit when I’m walking or trying to extend my leg completely but it’s not bad at all compared to yesterday. I’ve also got a weird swell in my hand that’s hurting my thumb… Could have been from dodgeball as well… Who knows.

I’m very sad I don’t get to run tonight… Or even tomorrow if I’m not feeling perfect… I do not want to force anything. I really want to feel better! I took Wednesday to Friday off this week hoping to go snowboarding. Hopefully I can still go boarding this week once or twice.

Thanks for reading!


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One thought on “On Pause

  1. Oh dear! I hope you’re feeling much better soon! 😦

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