The Big Day


$505 raised!! Thank you Christine Flynn and Tiffany Madden for your last minute donations!!! It means so much to me, every donation, like, and support in any way! I love you all, readers, fellow runners, supporters, everybody!

In sickness I have ran the distance!! Not quite the way I wanted to. It was tough. I’ve never ran where my throat was dry and sore, my chest hurt, and during day light, I wanted to lay down and die. It was hot!! I do have to admit I did stop quite a few times to walk, it hurt so bad physically and emotionally. Almost cried e first time my body gave out and said I need to breathe and stop. No tears though, just excitement, I did finish the run. Sadly in 37 minutes… 7 minutes over 😦

Thank you to my special guy for doing the run with me today!! No way I could have done it without you!! Your amazing words of encouragement and constantly slowing down to keep my pace made me tread on. Thank you!!

What’s next? Stay tuned! I plan on doing a 10k and will continue training and blogging!

Thank you again!! I love you all!!
Diana Mach

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3 thoughts on “The Big Day

  1. Lori..

    congrats Dianna!! Way to go!!!

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