So Close, Yet So Far!

Hi Readers!

How I’ve missed you and blogging. There’s no excuse for my lack of posts, I am sorry. I am not sorry that there’s only 20 days left until the run!! With less than 3 weeks to go, you have helped me raise $445 for CIBC’s Run for the Cure, hoping to find a cure for breast cancer and helping support those affected directly and indirectly. I’d like to say a very special thanks to all those who have donated over the past month I have not blogged:
To my wonderful family, Mom and Steve, thank you for your generosity.
To my amazing friend, Linz, thank you for your support.
To my inspiration, CJ, thank you for being a drive and source of inspiration.

I am now aiming to raise an additional $55 in 20 days before my run! So if you can spare $5 please donate here.

The run is just so close but I feel so far away from my goal. I am confident now that I can run the 5k but to hit the time I want may not be achievable. No this is not me being pessimistic, just being realistic with my workload and some other life priorities right now. This doesn’t mean I don’t plan on hitting 5k in 25 minutes, it’s just very unlikely this will be happening on September 30. Not to worry, I will hit this goal.

So I was just wondering, what do all the other runners out there do during this time of year? Please, share with me your running routine if you’d like. I have been accustomed to running in the evening time. Started at 9 then moved to 8 and now even 8 pm gets too dark to feel completely safe with the trails I run. I’m not sure there are other routes I enjoy running; does this mean I need to become a morning runner? I can’t go back to being a morning running nor can I run any earlier. Getting home at around 6 and settling down, having dinner, digesting, 8 is about as early as I can go. Unless I do 6, then I risk running hungry…? Just a small hiccup with running alone. What do you do?

Anyways, I am loving life, I am loving running and I hope you continue to support me on this journey. There’s only 20 days!! I can’t believe it!! I can’t wait!

Thank you for visiting and reading!! I appreciate your support ♥

– Diana Mach

P.S. if you can, please donate.

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