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Hi there,

Thanks for stopping by. It’s been a while! That’s my fault; I haven’t been blogging lately, which only means one thing, I haven’t been running. I am blogging now because I did just get back from my first run in almost two weeks! What a disappointment that I haven’t ran. No wonder I’ve been feeling pretty low lately.

20120818-204714.jpgI feel I’m constantly promising to run and not let life get in the way but this time I really blew it. 11 days since my last run. Sad. Even sadder, I walked 1k then tried to run the 5 but had to stop multiple times to walk… After finishing the 5k in almost 39 minutes, I walked another kilometer to cool down.

Today’s run was not only difficult on my body because it’s been a while, but because my mind is still somewhere else. It has been very difficult for me to cope as there are many factors in my life affecting me. Good and bad both. I’m in a puzzled state of mind right now. Quite different from how I felt a few weeks earlier.

With so many distractions in my life, I’ve really forgotten to take care of myself first. It’s no wonder I had a day this past week where the only things I consumed all day was water, two chocolate bars, a small cup of ice cream, and two servings of chips…

The run is 6 weeks away and to hit my goal, I have to skim off 9 minutes and push myself through the entire 5k without stopping. This can be doable. I know it’s mind over matter. I just need to be able to push all those thoughts in my mind out, at least for 30 minutes…

Please continue to support me on this journey as your encouragement really does help drive me to run. Being held accountable to someone like you, other an myself, will always push me to be more successful.

Please donate here.

Thank you for reading and not holding this against me.

– Diana Mach

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