Confessions of a Runaholic

Dear World,

I discovered something recently that I couldn’t quite believe. Some evidence suggested one thing and others suggested another. In the end, I decided I had to find out the truth before I could blog about it. Yes, this has to do with running and yes this has to do with my progress. No, I did not intentionally mislead you or would ever even want to do this to myself. Before going into details, I apologize for not doing my complete due diligence.

So, what’s this all about? I just got back from a run. I went out and ran the 5K Run for the Cure route I will be doing in September. Why did I do this? Not just to prepare but because I have been lead to believe my Nike+ had been misleading me this whole time. I discovered this not too long ago and on Sunday I knew that something was wrong when Ian’s Nike+ read 5K and mine read 6… Now here’s my problem, I calibrated the Nike+ when I first got it with an online map. I did 3K and the 3K I ran recorded correctly; I did this the first few times… Now, after doing this, I assumed adding more distance would not require more calibration as 1 kilometer should be 1 kilometer. Going up to what I have thought was 5 this whole time was actually 4! I almost cried knowing this, but not because I was so sad but because I was so angry. I felt I had let myself and all of you down. I put all my trust into this app….

Ok, let’s move along. I’m over the fact that the app is wrong. As I mentioned, I did what a true 5K is. I’ve mapped it to ensure accuracy  (roughly 5.2k but I’ll skim it down to 5). Now, I ran this 5K and calibrated Nike+ to the distance of 5K. What a shocker, my app told me I had run 6.4K! That’s over an extra kilometer! Luckily, I’ve made this discovery prior to September and I can correct this wrong.  I overrode the 6.4 and put in 5… Check out this run log just to prove my case.

As you can see, what’s really 5K is showing up as a little over 6K on Nike+

So, even after calibrating to say 5K, the app has still loaded to tell me I’ve run 6K….  I guess I’ll be taking down the Nike+ page and go back to mapping my runs online then timing my run.

I had thought about purchasing the Nike watch or fuelband for myself and someone special to run with but now, I’m pretty disappointed and don’t think I will.

Now that I have blogged this, I feel much better. This has honestly been bothering me day and night. I was really beating myself up about it but I know that I shouldn’t anymore because I can run the 5K! Maybe a little slower than I thought but I can do it!! Today, I walked 1 KM to start, ran 5K nonstop, and walked another 1K to cool off.

I am sorry if I had led you to believe I could run 5 K in under 30 minutes. It seems I’m at almost 38 minutes so my initial goal to run 5 K in 30 minutes will remain. I have over a month and a half left to train for this charity run. I know I can do it.

All that really matters is that I’m just out there and running. The distance and the time does matter but those are all relative to how I feel.

Fellow bloggers, readers, supporters, and all those in-between, I am so grateful for your encouragement and forgiveness. I am truly sorry.

Thank you for reading and I hope you continue to follow me on this journey.



– Diana Mach

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2 thoughts on “Confessions of a Runaholic

  1. Lori..

    I am not entirely sure what you are apologizing for, I would be just as proud of you if you ran 1km, or if you ran 10!!! Way to go!!! Run for yourself!!! You are doing amazing keep it up!

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