Too Slow

Hi World,

I’m writing to you from Toronto. Seeing that I have broken my mom’s treadmill, the only hope for running here when I visit is the great outdoors. Tonight, I really did not want to run. I did not drink enough water today nor have I had a nutritious diet. Two meals, both not during the right meal times.

Tonight I ran for Ian. I couldn’t let him down. We ran together. I had stopped at 5k to walk and he kept going for another km. I kept pace with him enough to push him while he was there pushing me and giving me words of encouragement along the whole way. He’s pretty awesome! Thanks for making me run Ian!

I can’t upload my run until I get back home tomorrow so I’ll give you full stats on my Nike+ page tomorrow night. On a high level, the workout was 6.5km @ a pace of 6’56” totaling a 45’34” workout.

What’s extremely sad is how hard it was to run to run tonight. When I got to 11 minutes, I had only done roughly 1.5k. Normally, at 11 I should be finishing up 2k easily. I’m pretty sad and disappointed with how slow and hard tonight was but I am happy to have someone who will always encourage me, continue to run with me, and always tell me I’m awesome, even if I’m not.

Beyond the lack of food and water, I know it is Sunday night and I don’t often run Sundays so this could also be a contributing factor. I also know making excuses is not the way to go but I will run the 5k in September and be at 30 minutes or less.

Anyways, that’s all I have for tonight. 😦

Thank you for reading and supporting me.
I will do better next time.

Good night,

– D Mach

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