Too Long

Good Morning Readers,

It’s been over 3 days since I’ve blogged… That means it’s been over 3 days since I ran! No excuses, I was just being lazy. This morning, I knew I could not. I really tried to make every excuse I could to not run but in the end, I knew if I didn’t suck it up and go, I’d be letting myself down and you down. No way I can go 4 days without running. That’s absurd!

This morning I went for a run at 8:30 AM… It’s about 26 degrees Celsius outside, feeling like 37 according to The Weather Network. It was HOT. My clothes were sticking to me before I even started to run. I start off with walking down 8 flights of stairs just to get my legs going. By the time I got to the bottom today, I was already hot and tired. Because I had not gone out for a run in the last 3 days, I thought, Ok, I will run 2.5 KM then walk then run again… In the end, I ran 5 K straight because I just couldn’t do it. I knew my body could run, I couldn’t let myself stop. It really sucked but I did it!

Today, I tried to stop my Nike+ at 5 K and then record again so that I would get my true 5 K stats. However, on Nike+, it tracks my run and then my walk as 2 separate “runs” and I don’t want to have my profile saying I ran twice today when I only ran once. It’s also skewing my average rates 😦 … I will go back to recording the full workout from start to end just to get a good sense of how much time I spent. I’m not too worried about the 5 K anymore. It is definitely tough and mentally challenging for me but I know I can do it in September.

I’m loving my life. There’s ups and there are downs but what really matters in my life is good. Running has been a huge contributing factor and I couldn’t be happier that I have found this new love.
We have our tough times like the last 3 days and this morning but really, I feel great now that we’ve reunited.

Unless it is absolutely mandatory and out of my control, I will not take a 3 day break again. I will JUST RUN.

Thanks for reading my blog!
Until next run…

– Diana Mach

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