Jello Legs

Hi World!!!

I don’t even know where to begin.

Let me start with some stats. After syncing my iPod coming back from my mom’s I knew I had to hit the road today and tomorrow. I’m not sure how Nike+ is doing this but yesterday it told me I had 9 km’s left to my 45 km goal (to hit in 3 weeks). This meant for Monday (today) and tomorrow, I would have to do 4.5 KM each day to hit this goal. I ran tonight, synced my iPod up and Nike+ has decided that I achieved my goal… I did NOT run 9 KM tonight. It says I hit my goal to run 15 KM a week for 3 weeks straight. Maybe it’s a moving target? Not sure, but I’ll take the win and run 5 KM again tomorrow!

So it’s time to set a new personal goal. I’m not too sure what that is yet. Might stick to this 15 km a week thing for another 3 weeks to see where I’m at.

Any who, the real success story with today’s run… I ran 5 Kilometers, non-stop and I did it in 30 minutes and 34 seconds. You know what that really means? My goal to run 5K in 30 minutes, is definitely attainable in 2 months from now! I might even have to skim that 30 minutes down after I perfect that goal to actually do 5 K in 25 minutes? Too ambitious? NEVER!

I wanted to share some stats with you on today’s run because I could not be more proud of myself. The run was difficult as I started off thinking about others, thinking about the troubles in the world, in my life, and in the people I care most about. I had to keep telling myself, this is me time, this is where I focus on what’s good for me and no one else, this is the time to let all of that stuff go and run. After about 1 KM of thinking and trying to fix the world, I let it all go and just ran. I told myself this is going to make me feel so good in the end, and it has! Check out these numbers:

Yup, as the time went on, the thoughts drifted and my speed went up!
Although by the 5th km I was definitely struggling and pushing myself to run until I knew I had hit 5K. Nonetheless, I skimmed down on each KM.
Oh, just to add in here, my calves were a bit sore the last two days for the first time ever. I think it’s either from running on a treadmill (a different kind of running) and/or the speed and distance I did on the treadmill over the weekend. I’m fairly certain my legs will feel like rubber tomorrow. I’ve stretched out a bit after running today to hopefully alleviate any tension… The pain is good!

I look forward to doing this again and adding more and more kilometers!

Until next run, have a good night!

– D Mach

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