Frustrated Disappointment

Dear world,

I write to you out of the ultimate frustration right now. I did not run yesterday (I did go on an amazing date where we walked a lot!). I am at my moms now. Today I had to do a minimum of 5 km to stay on target with my goal that ends in 2 more days. I put my shoes on. I turn on the treadmill. I start running. I set the treadmill to 35 minutes aiming to run 6 km. Great time, 1 km im and I’m less than 6 minutes in, and every time I checked the pace on my iPod I was staying within a high 5 to low 6 minute per km pace.

3.41 km later, the entire treadmill shuts down. Can’t turn it back on, can’t do anything. This is not a neighborhood I feel safe running outside (plus it is HOT), so I have settled, sitting here, frustrated, sweaty, and upset. In 22 minutes I did 3.41 km according to my iPod. I think another 1.6 km in 8 minutes could have had been attainable. Running at 4.5 to 5 mph, I was picking up the speed.

I am very upset now. I wanted so badly to run 5 km straight. I wanted this for myself. I needed this machine to show me I can do 5 km straight. I needed this to helped me really push myself when I’m back home and running outdoors.

For me, it’s all mental. I know I stop because I can. I know I stop because I run at different speeds outside. I know I stop. I needed this today so I could know that I don’t need to stop.

I am soooooooo utterly disappointed right now.

2.5 days left, 12.5 km to go…


I hope to write again before the end of the day with a success story of a 3 km run when I get back home… Hopefully the weather outside cools down.

Thanks for reading!

– Diana Mach


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3 thoughts on “Frustrated Disappointment

  1. Lori..

    Do not focus on the 1.6 you did not run, focus on the fact that you did run!!! Tomorrow or even tonight you can try to do more, but never beat yourself up for things that are out of your control!!!! You are doing an amazing job and inspire me every day!!! Keep up the excellent work!!!!!!


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