Good evening!

I don’t often write on a Friday night because I’m usually out and about or visiting my mom.

Tonight I am at my mom’s and brought my runners. She owns a treadmill… I ran!
I ran 5km straight tonight at a range of 4-6miles per hour. Mostly stayed at 5.5 but slowed down and sped up occasionally. This treadmill only shows miles per hour and time… this treadmill also stopped on me… I think I was at 4 km and it just shut off… Kind of scary. So I didn’t quite run the entire 5 km nonstop since I stopped for about 30 seconds puzzled and trying to turn the thing back on as soon as possible. And back at it I went… 5 kilometers down. I walked and jogged a little bit after, but I don’t think my iPod captured it all.. The treadmill stopped twice after that. The third time I just got frustrated and stopped. It’s a scary feeling when you’re going at it and the whole thing just shuts off.
Anyways, the point is, I did 5 km straight. The question now is, why can I do this on a machine and not when I’m outside? I know on the treadmill it felt like I just couldn’t stop… I need to transfer these thoughts to the outdoors….

Oh, I almost forgot the most important part, according to my iPod, I ran 5 km in 31 minutes at a pace of 6 minutes and 9 seconds per km!!!! A quick reminder, I’m aiming to run 5K in September in under 30 minutes.

I wish I could sync my iPod but my mom doesn’t have internet… I can’t wait to see all the stats at the end of the weekend when I go home.

As I posted yesterday, I have about 20k left in 5 days. Now I have 15 k left for the next 4 days. That is doable!

I am very happy to be running again. 🙂

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday night and enjoy the weekend!

– D

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