Happily Angry

Hi World,

Canadians, Did you get out to a CIBC today??? I have not but as you noticed, I put a heart on the items I plan on picking up from CIBC. I will be heading there this weekend to get my goodies and make a donation. If you get a chance, visit your local CIBC and support the CIBC Pink Collection™.

Tonight I write to you with mixed emotions. I’m super stoked that I’m back to running and mentally getting myself back on track. I’m also super frustrated for multiple reasons. One, some jerk almost ran me over today on my run and he did it intentionally (looked right at me). Two, I lost my run data on Nike+ when my iPod shut off at 3.7KM… and three, I had 3 doughnuts today, haha. Why would I do that to myself??? 😕

So, that’s right. I just got home from a run. I finished work, got home, changed and went for a run in hopes to avoid the rain. I jogged 1 km, walked a little bit, jogged the 2nd km, walked about half a km, the sky darkened and it started to pour, and so I ran. I ran and ran and ran, faster than I would normally run, longer, smoother strides. My 3rd kilometer I did in 5 minutes and 49 seconds! The last km… I don’t know.. I got angry when I almost got hit by the car, stopped, and then when my iPod stopped I stopped.. But then I sprinted… I sprinted at least 200 meters before stopping. I know that today I did well. I paced myself and kept myself going in the beginning and then just ran my heart out at the end in the pouring rain.

Now, I sit here calmed down and happy that I am back out there. I am happy that I am putting myself out there. I am happy.

Don’t get me wrong, there are still things in life that get me down and tug at my emotions, but ultimately, I am happy where I am.


About 2 weeks ago I set a goal on Nike+ to run at least 45 KM in 3 weeks. I have been using the Nike+ goals to make mini challenges for myself. Had I stayed on track and ran 3 times at week at 5 km per run, I would easily have hit this goal. However, I fell off the wagon and now I have roughly 20 kilometers to go in 5 days. What does this mean? For those math lovers out there like me, it means I either run 4 km’s a day for 5 days, run 5 km’s a for 4 of the 5 days, or run 6.67 km’s 3 of the next 5 days. 😯 That’s a lot of running in a very short time for me… Let’s see what I’ve got!

Thanks for reading!!!

– D Mach

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