Hello world,

I almost cannot believe I poured my heart out in my last post but that is really who I am.
Who I am is also someone who cannot let others down. Tonight, I had the privilege to see someone very dear to me who could never let me down. He showed up at my door and demanded we go for a run before we eat, hang out, talk, etc. He stuck to his guns and at first I rejected the proposal. In the end, I did not want to disappoint and we ran!

This is the first time I’ve ran with anyone since my very first run almost 3 months ago. It was amazing. He is patient, supportive, and just awesome! Thank you soooooo much for just coming over and pushing me to do what I needed most. You mean the world to me. ❣

The run was disappointing in terms of speed but I guess with a week break, I wouldn’t have expected any less. It was a shorter run as well but nonetheless, it was a sweaty workout and I am thankful I did it. I did upload the run onto my Nike+ page for those of you interested…

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I don’t think I can say it enough to my running partner, you and all of my friends who have been here for me.

So, I know how bipolar this can seem but really, my last post was apologizing for realizing how down I was over the last week and this post is to let you know that even though there are struggles in my life, I can do it. With the support of those who love me, I can do it.

Thank you.

I will run again this week, I promise.

Thank you Ian! ❤


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