Changes & Apologies

Hi Readers,

I apologize for not blogging in almost a full week. I apologize that I have not gone out for a run in over a week. I won’t try to justify why I have let you and myself down but I will try to explain and get you caught up in this journey I have been embarking.

In the last week there’s been quite a lot going on in my life, from little things like moving office buildings at work to letting someone go who means a lot to me. Love is a very complicated matter and it can get the best of us. Walking away from someone you truly care about because you know that the relationship just isn’t right is one of the hardest things to do. Family might come easy for some but is difficult for me. I do try but wish I tried harder… I don’t want to get into details but there are sad changes going on in my family as well. I let the best of me and even got mad and yelled at a close friend. This is not me and I felt horrible. There’s been a lot happening in every facet of my life.

With all of this going on I have tried to get up for runs. I set my alarm, lay out my clothes, wake up…. And then go back to sleep. Mentally I say I should do this, I need to do this, but a side of me is making up excuses about the heat, soreness and lack of nutrition…. I have not been sleeping well nor have I been eating well. I lack a proper, well rounded diet and complete rest.

There is a lot going on and I’m just a woman trying to figure it all out in a big world.

Running means a lot.
I have made the decision that I will be dropping everything to travel and hopefully volunteer in another country near the end of this year. To be able to do this, I have to believe I am in the best shape I can be. I will only get there if I continue to run.

Currently I lack that little bit of motivation that I had. I need to be able to not think, just get out there, and run.

I am not giving up. Nor am I telling you I am letting you down. You are my supporters and I promise I will get back to this. I will run September 30. There is no doubt to that.

I am sorry that training has been pushed back but I do have a love for running.

I thank all of you, my wonderful friends, and supportive colleagues for continuing to encourage me on this journey.

I am sorry if i am letting you down
Please know that I will not take long. I will keep blogging. I will hopefully be back out and running this week.

– Diana Mach

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2 thoughts on “Changes & Apologies

  1. Lori

    You are not letting anyone down, dont focus on yesterday, but get excited for tomorrow!!!! You have an amazing year ahead!!!

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