Hi Readers,

The last few days have been quite difficult for me as I’ve found it very hard to find any motivation to do anything… I’m going through some personal struggles in my life right now and it’s beginning to actually hit me and affect my emotions, mind set, and capabilities in functioning. I’m finding it so hard to focus!

I’ll mention that I did try to go for a run this morning at 5 AM since I couldn’t sleep at all last night. It was already 30 degrees celcius outside this morning, ridiculous. It was so hot and I was quite demotivated/distracted, I couldn’t even finish the 5K I said I would. I mostly walked and only did 4 K… I do know that this might be due to a lack of dinner the night before and sleeping maybe a total of 2 hours means I should not be going out in the hot hot heat to try to run…  I won’t get into the details of the sad stats of today’s attempt to work out….

I just wanted to share with all of you that this does not mean I’m quitting nor does it mean I’m not taking this training seriously. I appologize for not blogging and not getting out there to run as much as I did last week.

It’s weird, my post published but half the post is missing so I’m trying to fill in the blanks…

I’ll be off at a 3 day conference this week and won’t be able to sync my workouts to the Nike+ Page that I have going on…. I’m going to try to hit up the treadmill in the hotel this week… wish me luck…

Thanks for reading!

– Diana Mach

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One thought on “Distractions

  1. Eating properly helps a ton with energy I find. It’s also the thing I’m the worst at 😛

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