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Good Morning!

Everything feels so much better today! Yesterday, I had a rough day and I ended the day pretty upset. I felt maybe this was because I didn’t start my day off right.

I think everyone else out there who has ran or done any workout can relate. I feel accomplished. I feel that no matter what else comes during the day, I have done some good and nothing can bring me down.

I ran this morning, 5k in 36 minutes. That’s about the same time as my first; however, I ran my fastest 1k today @ 5 minutes and 48 seconds! That was my 4th km too! I started off kind of slow today but I was trying to pace myself to jog the full 5k… That didn’t happen but I’m not disappointed because I had a great run.

I’m not too sure if I’ll be running this weekend but I do know, I’m going to have to run a lot next week in the AM. Next week I will be off helping host a 3 day conference… Luckily, there’s a gym at the hotel, woohoo! Running will keep me sane. 🙂

Happy Friday!!!

Thanks for reading & supporting!
– Diana Mach
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