Thank You!


Today’s blog was going to be about how hard it was getting up this morning, how my stomach hurt, and how I only ran 3.5 km this morning. But after I got home this morning, I checked my email and found some great news I want to share with you.

Left speechless this morning, I am just amazed.

A huge shout out must go out to Mr. Eric Yip this morning for donating. It’s been a while since I’ve received any donations but last night you sponsored me and your continued support through those little things you do are truly appreciated. Thank You!


This marks another great milestone today. I’ve hit the $300 goal I had set to raise for Run for the Cure!! Thank you for supporting me, but most of all, Thank you to all for opening up your hearts and wallets to find a cure for breast cancer.

Everyone’s kind words, encouragements, and subtle little gestures all help drive me to succeed.

I truly am dumbfounded. I never would have imagined I’d sign up for a charity run, train, and raise money. Today, I am so close to running the distance, We have raised what I set as a goal, I have put my mind to this and will not stop, and most importantly, We are making a difference.

I am just overwhelmed with joy. I want to jump around and dance!

Please know that I am so grateful for all of your time reading my blog, support, encouragement, and donations. Thank You!

Have a wonderful day readers!

– Diana Mach

P.S. I am still continuing to raise money to see how far I can really go, so if you haven’t yet, please make a donation; $5 can go a very long way. 🙂

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