Good morning!

After a more challenging week last week, I decided I would get up early and start my week off right today. The drive didn’t just come internally but from a few conversations over the weekend. Hearing my friends run from 5-15km, I drew inspiration from these gentlemen who are running often and running further than I am. Thank you for inspiring me.

Hearing one of my friends run 5 km, I knew that it’s time for me to step it up. I’m not competitive in the sense that I must beat him, but I have an urge to show myself that I can. I know 5 km is achievable but now I want to hit that goal earlier.

This morning, 4 km, averaging 7 minutes and 23 seconds per kilometers. At times I did run as fast as 5 minutes and 21 seconds per kilometer! I’m aiming to run 5 km in 25-30 minutes in September for the charity run. That’s an average pace of no less than 6 min/km. Let’s go training!!!

A lot of people have been asking me if I’m on a running plan. I am not. I just run. I strategically run and pace myself to what my limits are, pushing myself beyond when I can and not too slow either when I need a rest. I am challenging myself and I enjoy running and achieving my goals on my own terms.

Ideally, I would like to hit one of these two goals this week:
1.I will add another half km to my run, 4.5km total.
2. I will attempt and successfully jog 4 km in full with no walk breaks.

Wish me luck,
– D Mach

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