Early Bird

Good morning world,

It’s been a few days since I’ve blogged… Been a few days since I ran…
Today, I went at it early in the morning. I heard that’s the best way to fight the heat. With some evening temperatures sitting in the high 30’s, I had to try running in the AM again. It’s just so hard to breathe outside when the air feels so thick.

5 AM…snooze… 5:10, snooze….5:20, toss and turn…up and putting on my top. What a mistake thinking I could run in a t-shirt when it is 20 degrees out. My entire shirt was soaking when i got home. It doesn’t matter though, 5:30, I got outside, it was already hot and getting stuffy. 4 slow kilometers later, I return home.

It’s no shocker today was a slow one. It’s early, hot, and I just came off a 3 day break and some weird stomach bug.

I finally understand the Nike+ info. Today, my average pace was 8 minutes to run 1 km. Slow… But I’m not disappointed. I’m happy I finally got up and got outside. My fastest km recorded was 6 minutes and 35 seconds, I can beat this!

Running has been an extremely great outlet for me. I knew this before but didn’t completely see how much of a stress reliever this activity is. I realized this this week that it’s not just a time to relax and let all my thoughts go but it’s a time where all the problems in the world seem to fade. Work, family, friends, it all seems so irrelevant. The only thing on my mind is hitting 5 km by September and raising enough money for Run for the Cure.

In the last month and half, I have been running 3 days a week, during the work week. This week, once on Monday and once today, Friday morning. This week, I felt more stressed, I felt easily aggravated, I felt impatient, I felt overwhelmed and worst of all, I felt a lack of motivation to do ANYTHING.

After the run this morning, I feel relaxed, I feel successful, I feel on top of the world. A very hot, stuffy, humid world. I feel that everyone else’s problems, are exactly that, their problems, not mine.

No matter how hot it gets, I am going to find time to keep training and keep on running.

Today, if you’re reading my blog, leave a comment, let me know how you beat the heat.

If you haven’t already, leave a donation by clicking the thermometer on the right hand side. I haven’t raised any more money. I could easily put the remaining $30 I need but that’s no fun. Even if you’re in Europe, Australia, Asia anywhere, donate $2 on your credit card to help fund for a cure for breast cancer.

Thanks for reading! Your support means a lot to me! ❤
– Diana Mach

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