Hi there,

It was a hot one today! Even at 8 PM, the weather was at 29°C, with humidity, it felt like 32°C! I was hoping the weather would cool down by 8:30 but it did not so I went for a run. This was such a difficult run coming off of a long weekend (being busy and now lazy, eating a lot, and the heat). It has come to a point where I know I just have to do this. I really wanted to find any excuse I could to not run but I just couldn’t do that to myself and all of you, the readers and sponsors out there. And so I ran…

The jog was a huge up and down today. Many more intervals than usual but apparently I jogged on average, faster than my last run, while taking a little bit more time for a little less distance but burned fewer calories. I don’t understand this? The logic would be, less running with more time (and I know I ran slower) = slower average pace… If somehow I was able to run faster, which means I did indeed have a faster average pace than the last run, would I not have burned more calories than the last run…? Do I have this wrong? I don’t quite understand this Nike+ Activity Log.

Although I’m not too worried about how many calories I am burning, all these stats provided by the Nike+ app is all too confusing. If you are able to understand the Nike+ reads, could you kindly provide me some of your help; it would be great appreciated. 🙂

Jog, walk, Jog, walk, Jog, walk,…. Roughly 4K again today. I didn’t want to do 4K but I had to. I cannot do less than 4 now… I must get further. My goal is to hit 5 km by the end of July and in August to be able to jog the full 5K without a walking break. By the end of September, I will run 5K

Thanks for reading!
Please don’t forget to make a donation @ Run for the Cure.

– D Mach

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