Beef It Up!

Good Evening Readers,

I am super stoked be writing this blog right now! This week I got my first follower on my blog, and then a second one! As this is my first blog, I am jumping with joy inside that you are reading and care about my progress. My very first follower, Tobbe, has a great blog of his own with a very quirky attitude; check him out @ Chris, my dear friend is my second follower, no blog to share, sorry. I hope one day I can have a huge group of followers who will continue to support me throughout this journey to 5k this fall and then 10k next fall. Just knowing there are readers and bloggers who choose to like my posts helps drive me to continue and never stop. Just a simple click of that “like” button pushes me that much further. I see it as encouragement. 🙂
Thank you for all of your support!!

Followers and Likes are not the only things I am hyped up on right now. I just got home from a run. A mentally tough one today. With work catching up on me, some unprofessional business partners getting on my nerves, and family not being so supportive, it has been a very draining first week back. I’ve had a lot of junky food and felt pretty junky. However, I promised on Monday that this is the week to step it up.


Today, I altered my route and ran 4 kilometers! Yes, that’s right. I did 4 km. Not straight running but I ran a good majority of it with walking intervals. It was hard to focus with all the things distracting me in life, my mind wasn’t there but I pushed myself and I did it!!! I did 4K!

I still haven’t quite figured out all the stats Nike+ provides but I’ve been publishing my runs on my Nike+ page, so check it out to see how I did today. From what I gather, I jogged, on average, a faster pace today that on Tuesday. If you know anything about the Nike+ website, please give me some pointers so I can use this to its full potential.

Readers, I am only $30 away from hitting the target amount I’d like to raise for Run for the Cure. Please, if 15 readers each donated $2, we’d be that much closer to finding a cure for breast cancer. Your money not only goes to fund the research but also supports those who are suffering from this illness and need your help. You can safely make a donation with your credit card, just click here.

That’s all for tonight.
Thanks for reading!

-D Mach

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