1 1/2 Hours Later

Hello World,

Let me start off with my deepest thanks to Mark Beldman tonight. Thank you for always making me laugh, pushing me to have that pear over chips, and supporting me. Tonight I ran because of you. Thank you.

Despite falling asleep (multiple times) on the bus ride home today from work, I mustered up the power to go for a run tonight. It took me almost an hour to battle with myself to get off the couch and another 45 minutes to change and put my shoes on. In the end I got up and did it. What else? I jogged, although slower than yesterday’s pace, I jogged an entire 3 km before walking. Or what my iPod Nano would like to tell me is 3km…

Please, if you run with the new iPod Nano, help me out? I’ve been running the same route and it’s roughly 3.3km. Yesterday I calibrated my run to be about 3.4 (which included my warm up). Today, I started the distance tracker AFTER my warm up and somehow I completed 3.7 km? How did extra distance get added today? I feel today’s results can’t be right; I use to use www.gmap-pedometer.com to track my distance and 3.4 is fairly close to 3.3 but 3.7 is almost 4 km… No way the route I did today, same as any other, is 3.7. I ran slower, in a shorter time, but ran further than I did yesterday? I’m confused… Anyways, if you’re an Apple guru, please comment or send me a message and help me out?

So, back to the point, I got out there and did it! Even though I was ready to fall asleep, I am wide awake now!!! Woohoo!

We are almost at the point of hitting $300 raised to help fund breast cancer research. Please send your support to me or the CIBC Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Regardless of where you donate, just making a donation is all that matters.

If you make a donation on my behalf, I promise you, I will not let you down. If only 10 readers were to donate right now, you only have to send in $3. It’s easy and secure with your credit card. So please, sponsor me and support me. You $3 may mean coffee and a muffin in the morning, but to me, it is the biggest motivation beyond what I thought $3 could ever do for me.

Thanks for stopping by, have a great night!
– D Mach

P.S. I’ve added a new page, Nike+ (up on the top right), so you can track my running progress with me. Looks like I’ve slowed down from yesterday 😦

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