No Excuses

Good Evening World,

I am writing you after my first run back at home in the neighbourhood. I have so much to say.

I love the iPod Nano! I love the Nike+ app that is built-in and I am no longer carrying my iPod Touch with me as I run, I feel so free! So today I went for a little walk in the afternoon and this evening I went for a run. If any of you readers have one or know how to properly sync, let me know! I’ve been able to upload to my Nike+ account but am unable to upload any of my walks. I’m not too sure how to share my stats on here either but I’ll figure that one out later.

Instead of grabbing a piece of candy/chocolate bar that I’ve been craving all day (I’m a HUGE sugar fiend), I put on my pants and went for the run.

Today’s run, WOW, difficult on my lungs! I don’t smoke!! My legs said keep going but my chest just said stop. I had to stop at 1 km and walk a bit. From there I did the walk and sprint, walk, run, walk, run, jog, spring, jog, sprint, walk… I still finished 3 KMs but this week is definitely time to beef it up. It’s going to be difficult with a couple of work functions happening in the evenings this week but I will make it happen.

I’m completely exhausted still from vacation, but I am extremely proud of myself for going for that run today.

On another note, while I was away, on the same route I run, a 28-year-old woman was swarmed and robbed by a group of 12-15 teenagers. The teens taunted the woman, then held her down and beat her repeated in the face. After the cruel torture, the teens took her purse. I send my thoughts, warmth and hugs to this woman and wish her all the best in recovering.

This is devastating news as I am in my early 20’s, run in this same area (I cross the exact same spot), and feel just horrible that this even happened to this lady. I feel as if these teens have no heart at all and their parents should be ashamed. Why would a group of children rob a woman for a purse? Wait, not just rob but beat repeatedly?!?!?! How could this happen? I don’t wish poorly upon others but I hope karma comes back hard on these kids. What they did is NOT right. I can rant about this disgusting incident for a long time but I will just stop here…

My final thoughts for the day, there’s 97 days to go and I hope you can find it in your heart to donate $1 to help find a cure for breast cancer: Please Make a Donation Here.

Thanks for reading,
– D Mach

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