Great Vacation

Hi Readers!

I am back from vacation and I couldn’t ask for a better gift while I was away.

First off, huge shout out goes to a man for getting me the iPod Nano I’ve been talking about. I apologize to you all as it is not the PRODUCT(RED) as promised but this was his way of surprising me for my birthday and supporting me on this run. For those of you who do not know me, my Birthday was on Sunday. I now have the iPod Nano in graphite and cannot wait to upload running tunes and test out the Nike app! Thank you babe!!

Secondly, thank you to Jo and Brandon for your donation and support! I know I will hear more encouragement from you both as the time gets nearer! 🙂


Also, another major shout out to my supportive man for going to the gym with me while on vacation in Cuba! We spent half an hour at the gym and I ran for 25 minutes at speeds from 7-9km!

I am very happy that I have not let you readers, supporters, and donators down. I went for the one run I planned on during my week off thanks to your encouragement! I knew I could not let you all down as I made a promise that I would run just once. In total it was only 2.5km but in the middle of the week after basking in sun all day, it was a hard run in the hot weather and on a treadmill (a new running environment) oh and it was in Spanish…

So I had a great time in Cuba but I did really miss my home and routine: eating well and running at night. I look forward to getting back on my route this Monday and hopefully add a little more distance by Friday.

I’d also just like to say, I am sooooo touched by everyone. I did not think I would get this close to my goal with raising money for Run for the Cure so quickly. I am now only $50 away, Thank you all!

If you haven’t already, please Make a Donation. If 50 of you each donated $1, my goal would be reached and you would be helping fund research towards a cure for breast cancer.

Thanks for reading, supporting, donating, and just being you!
– Diana Mach

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