Good evening readers,

I just got home from another straight 3km jog. I know today was definitely a jog as I felt slower and much more tired today than yesterday. Today I really pushed myself. I did not feel like running but knew that I made a promise to run 3 times this week so I had to. Getting outside, I initially thought I’d jog a bit and walk and jog and walk and so on. Instead every mark I hit I just kept telling myself, I must keep going, I did the 3 k yesterday, I can do it again today, even if it’s not as fast, I can do it. Woohoo!!! I did it. All thanks to Jodi M. Thank you for believing in me and supporting me. Tonight’s run was for you. On my runs I often drift off into thoughts that help me. I thought about our fun times back in 375 and I just kept running. I also know that I will slack next week as I am on vacation so I had to make this run really worth it.


Tonight may also be my last blog for a while. I will be heading off to Cuba first thing Saturday morning and will not be back until the following Sunday. However, I promise all of you reading, I will get on the treadmill at the gym at least once while I am on vacation. No matter how hard I party, I will make half an hour to run!

Please do not stop supporting me; your likes to my blog helps me get through this. I believe I am doing this for a well deserving foundation, a good cause, and for my health. Your support helps me stay focused, thank you!

Please Donate.

Yours truly,
Diana Mach

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